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  Give your photos Instagram style filters plus program in ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Pick up your selfie stick with me.

XnRetro Photo Editor

XnRetro is one that will allow you to quickly add photos to your "class Instagram" effect of the program.

You know what I say these effects: scratches, noise, picture frames, excessive handling, retro and sepia (because in this era of digital passing, we must know the endless self-timer lost forever nostalgic own.)

Whether you think that these effects are stupid art or creation of shortcuts, these filters are very popular and can help those innocuous photos add personality.

XnRetro is a photo editing application

XnRetro features

XnRetro have those features below

20 kinds of color filters
15 kinds of lighting effects (blur, leaks, etc.)
28 kinds of picture frames and edges
5 kinds of illustrations (with velocity control)
Image Adjust contrast, gamma correction, saturation, etc.
Rectangular trim options

Lighting effect adjustment

(Theoretically) you can save the edited .jpg or .png file, and share directly in the app onto the social media.

I say "theoretically" mean saving .jpg image does not work on linux version of the program (you can save .png images). Similar problems also, most built-in social links fails or can not be exported.

To use the 15 kinds of lighting effects, you need to clip under XnRetro the 'light' files will be re-saved as a .jpg file .png file. Edit 'light.xml' to match the new file name, then click Save lighting effects can be loaded without problems into the XnRetro.

XnRetro worth installing it?

XnRetro not perfect. It looks very old-fashioned, hard to correct installation, and has not been updated for several years.

But it can also be used in addition to save the .jpg file away. But also those who, like Gimp or Shotwell those 'regular' is a flexible image adjustment tool alternatives.

Although like Pixlr Touch Up and Polarr web applications like Chrome Apps and also provide similar functionality, but maybe you're looking real native solutions.

Accustomed XnRetro difficult to leave it.
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