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  GNU Linux use diff to generate a patch with the patch
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  In GNU Linux system programming, often used diff to generate a patch with the patch and patch, the original in this regard do not understand, it is difficult to find, identify and then did nothing.

1, the use of diff to generate patches;

diff is a file comparison under Linux commands, parameters can not say here, direct man on the line, not only can compare files, you can also compare two directories, and you can generate a patch file differences, in fact, a patch commands. Use as follows:

diff -rNu a b> diff.patch

Wherein, a directory or file is old, b is a directory or file was last modified, the resulting patch file to patch.

2, the use of patch patch;

Parameters See man manual patch command, when using a patch to another patch directory as follows:

patch -p0 < diff.patch
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