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  Hackers is how the invasion and control of Things devices?
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

how hackers invade and control networking devices?

"Connection" magazine reported that security researchers exposed the vulnerability of many things in the field from wireless to two tons Barbie Jeep Grand Cherokee. Security company entrepreneur Chris Rouland said now these shows less than the real-world malicious hackers. However, it operates a controversial wiretapping government contractor company Endgame's Rouland has been transferred to its new start-up companies Bastille, the company's focus on networking security concerns exist hacked risk of digital objects. Rouland indicates that these risks are rising, intelligent anti-Barbie is part of this chain. &Rdquo;

The following are some of the things the 2015 attack security examples:


Networked car

Networking cars

In July, security researcher Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek forever changed the automotive industry Vehicle Safety concept, they showed a hacker to remotely attack a 2014 models Jeep Cherokee, disable its transmission and brakes. This discovery led to an unprecedented Fiat Chrysler recall 1.4 million vehicles.

Then in August this year, the meeting hacker defense, network security company CloudFlare principal investigator, Lookout co-founder and CTO Kevin Mahaffey published their findings from a Tesla Model s security vulnerabilities. It is understood that they are able to hack into the dashboard behind the Model S network system via a laptop, and then drive this car worth $ 100,000 car and sped away - - or remotely implant a Trojan virus, turn off the car in the process of moving engine. On the other cars they also found a remote vulnerability physical access, even without testing. Now Tesla has released patches for these vulnerabilities.

Also at the meeting hacker defense, security researcher Samy Kamkarshowed developed a called OwnStar book-sized device that can remotely to a GM implant intercept communications software, so hackers can not only locate car , free to open doors and unlock, but also to start the engine, car theft easy. Moreover, Kamkar soon found similar technique is equally effective on BMW and Mercedes-Benz applications. A few days later, the University of California researchers also demonstrated the ability to use a small electronic dog into the car's dashboard for controlling the car's speed and acceleration.

All of these eye-catching hackers is to convey a signal, if consumers do not realize that this is a problem, they should denounce the vehicle manufacturer. This is most likely to kill software vulnerabilities. &Rdquo; this sentence, not only to tell the car companies, but also consumers and regulators.


Medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Things are not car safety equipment will be fatal. Critical medical devices and equipment and structures also exist software vulnerabilities, allow a malicious hacker to hijack and control them organic, fatal consequences. Cardiologists Dick Cheney, has been worried that could allow an attacker to carry out deadly attacks &mdash pacemaker by former Vice President; - a hacker can use their office WiFi disabled their equipment. University of Alabama student experiment recently demonstrated the seriousness of the concerns. &Ldquo; we are free to increase the heart rate or decrease rate. &Rdquo; The team also used the last experimental robot theoretically killed.

Although these students experiment is based on case studies in the past, but it does show there is a crisis in the future means.

Drug infusion pump - - to transport the patient morphine, chemotherapy, antibiotics and other drugs equipment this year, the same attention. Network security researcher Billy Rios after an emergency surgery had a curiosity about such things, and then discovered the terrible secret - - these devices there is a serious flaw that allows hackers to remotely control the dose.

Today, responsible for the safety of medical devices approved Federal Drug Administration has noted that all of these devices and problems have been found, and have begun to take measures to remedy the situation. However, many problems can not rely on medical equipment and a fixed, simple software patch to fix - - rather, they need to re-structure system. However, all this takes time.


Various other things

various other things

When children Mattel company to add its products Hello Barbie WiFi connection, in order to give this doll to increase artificial intelligence to engage in dialogue, but the company in the smart phone applications Hello Barbie left a deception and intercept all connect the audio recording. Samsung smart refrigerator designed to allow users to synchronize Google Calendar via WiFi, but because there is no validation of SSL certificates, causing the user's Gmail credentials theft. Even there are creepy baby monitor security risks: Hackers attack even easier than other devices.

Even firearms are inevitable in the risk of hacker attacks. Hackers couples   Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger July this year demonstrates a case, they can control the wireless TrackingPoint sniper rifle. Rifle change system variables, disable rifle, missed the target, it even hit other targets.

For any kind of consumer products has been given, there will be at least one company can not wait to give them added WiFi access. But in fact, to protect access to WiFi technology after, it is more important priority research projects. The most important safety measure is not ready, how to provide protection for consumers?

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