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  Hardware Firewall Basics
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Hardware firewall

Hardware firewall refers to firewall programs do chip inside, perform these functions in hardware, can reduce the burden on the CPU, so that routing is more stable.

Hardware firewall is an important barrier to protect the internal network security. Its security and stability, directly related to the internal network security. Therefore, the daily routine inspection to ensure the safety of the hardware firewall is very important.

Present in the system are many hidden dangers and failures in one way or another before the outbreak will be signs, routine inspection task is to find these security risks, and to locate the problem as much as possible, to facilitate problem solving.

In general, routine inspection hardware firewall aimed at the following:

1. The hardware firewall profiles

Whether you have to consider just how comprehensive and rigorous, once the hardware firewall into the actual use of the environment, the situation has changed all the time. When you install a hardware firewall Hardware firewall rule always constantly changing and adjusting the configuration parameters will be changed from time to time. As a network security manager, it is best to prepare a set of firewall configuration and modify the security policy rules, and strict enforcement. Hardware firewall configuration involved, it is best to detail similar to what traffic is allowed, which service to use a proxy such detail.

In the security policy should specify the steps to modify the hardware firewall configuration, such as which authorized to modify, who can carry out such modifications, when they could be modified, how to record these changes and the like. Security policy should also specify the division of responsibilities, such as a specific person to make changes, another person responsible for recording, a third individual to examine and test the modified correctly. Detailed security policy should ensure that the hardware firewall configuration changes to work procedures, and to try to avoid configuration changes caused by bugs and security holes.

2. Hardware firewalls disk usage

If you keep logging on a hardware firewall, then check the disk usage of the hardware firewall is a very important thing. If you do not keep log records, then check the disk usage of the hardware firewall becomes more important. While retaining the log records, disk usage abnormal growth is likely to indicate a problem with log cleanup process, the situation is relatively better deal with. In the case of the log is not retained, if the disk usage abnormal growth, then there may be a hardware firewall to be installed Rootkit tools, it has been broken.

Therefore, network security managers first need to know under normal circumstances, the disk occupancy of the firewall, and as a basis to set a baseline examination. Disk consumption hardware firewall once over the baseline, it means the system encountered security problems or other aspects required further examination.

3. Hardware firewall CPU load

And disk usage similar, CPU load hardware firewall is to determine whether the system is running properly is an important indicator. As a security officer, you must understand the normal hardware firewall system CPU load is much too low load value does not necessarily mean everything is normal, but excessively high load value then the firewall system is certainly a problem. Excessive CPU load is likely to be a hardware firewall or external network DoS attacks have been disconnected and other problems caused.

4. The hardware firewall system daemon

Each firewall in the case of normal operation, there is a daemon (Daemon), such as the name of the service program, system log, network distribution program, or certification procedures. In a routine inspection must check that these procedures are not in operation, if you find some daemon is not running, you need to further examine what causes these daemon is not running, what daemon is still running.

5. System Files

Change critical system files of no more than three cases: Management purposeful, planned modifications, such as the planned system upgrade modifications caused; occasionally modify management of the system files; attacker file modifications.

Regularly check the system files, system files and modify records check, can detect the firewall was attacked. In addition, it should be emphasized, it is best to modify the hardware firewall policy configuration, the system files contain modified records.

6. exception log

Hardware firewall log records all the information communications allowed or denied, the main source of information is the health of the hardware firewall. Due to the huge amount of data in the log, so check the exception log normally be a process automatically. Of course, what kind of events are abnormal event, was determined by the administrator, only administrator-defined exception events and recording, hardware firewall will retain the appropriate log for future reference.

Routine checking the above six areas and may not check immediately to all the problems and pitfalls you might encounter a hardware firewall, but check the hardware firewall consistently stable and reliable operation is very important. If necessary, administrators can also use a packet-scanning program to verify that the correct configuration of the hardware firewall or not, and even further using vulnerability scanners to mock attacks, the ability to assess a hardware firewall.
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