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  How comprehensive resist attacks from the network
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Huge background, shocking the opening screen, the simultaneous launch of new product line, coupled with the peak dialogue CCTV broadcast live any people to see it all there will be only an idea - generous. LeadSec experiencing turbulence, through silence, through a long period of accumulation of precipitation, finally broke out.

Line with the concept of service demand, LeadSec launched their "next generation security architecture (NSA: Next-generation Security Architecture)", and simultaneously launched include network security management system, application security management system, anti-virus several new gateway security isolation gateway, intrusion prevention system, abnormal traffic management systems and multi-network functions, including isolation.

Many saw this almost related to the security in all areas of security products and solutions, in contrast to previous LeadSec, in contrast to today's security market, people will still think of three words - a big move.

Decisions of the Security Threat

We are talking about safety every day, talking about network security, every day we hear people say "I'm in the worm," and "I Trojans." Almost overnight security awareness have been generally improved security seems to be that people put their important position. In order to protect your system, people do a lot, but all operations more secure, but only in the traditional sense, with the corresponding traditional modern system environment, the current network threats against, and now security needs.

Now security guard had not viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers so simple, if previous security belongs narrowly, so now all-pervasive threat of limited range, determines the current security is necessarily broad range of expansion Safety.

Before, we used to say, "market-oriented", and now I borrow a little face-lift, for use in the field of security should become a "threat-oriented": different threats we need to determine the different security threats to determine safety.

The dangers we now face, in addition to the traditional threats, as well as spam, malware, IM threat, the threat of removable storage devices, data storage backup, and so on. If the traditional security market is highly competitive Red Sea, then today's security market has a blue ocean is more broad expansion of space, but also the absolute supremacy of the security field has not yet appeared, so everyone have entered.

Symantec, Mcafee, trends, net Kang Ming Wanda, LeadSec ...... into this piece of blue ocean areas there are many vendors, traditional security companies, emerging security companies, and even the IT industry giant Microsoft . In addition to the economic benefits factor contributing to so many manufacturers to enter the security market, the blue ocean areas Another point is the market itself, further said to be behind the market that has become ubiquitous security threats.

Comprehensive protection network attacks

Anti-virus alone can not ensure the security of our triad system. Panda emergence, diversification means that the risk of transmission modes; and has been unknown gray pigeons has also been to demonstrate the invasion pathways more means. Security has not only limited to a computer, a server, it is extended to the full range of protection throughout the local area network, to each point may be threatened protected.

LeadSec latest information security technology concepts and new line of security products, high-profile launch in the declaration of the desire to create a blue ocean of information security flagship, the more heralded a new security market is about to begin its flame. And in this piece of blue ocean, whether whale, shrimp, equality before the opportunity.
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