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  How do you access Dropbox Linux command line
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In today's environment, multiple devices, cloud storage everywhere. Regardless of where people want to obtain the desired content from the cloud storage via multiple devices. With a beautiful UI and perfect cross-platform compatibility, Dropbox cloud storage service has become the most widely used. Dropbox epidemic has triggered a series of official and non-official Dropbox client, they support different operating system platforms.

Of course, the Linux platform also has its own Dropbox client: both the command line, but also a graphical interface client. Dropbox Uploader Dropbox is a simple to use command-line client, it is written in Bash scripting language (LCTT Annotation: Yes, you're not wrong, that is, Bash). In this tutorial, I will describe how to use Dropbox Uploader in Linux command line to access Dropbox.

Linux install and configure Dropbox Uploader

To use Dropbox Uploader, you need to download the script and that it can be executed.

$ Wget https://raw.github.com/andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader/master/dropbox_uploader.sh
$ Chmod + x dropbox_uploader.sh
Make sure you have the system installed curl, curl because Dropbox Uploader to run through the Dropbox API.

To configure Dropbox Uploader, you can simply run dropbox_uploader.sh. When you first run this script, it will be authorized to request such scripts can access your Dropbox account.

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh

Https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps you need to access the page through a browser, and create a new Dropbox app. Then, like the figure below fill in the new app information and enter the name of the app, similar to Dropbox Uploader app name it generated.

After you have created a new app, you will see the next page app key and app secret. Please remember them.

Then running the dropboxuploader.sh terminal window, enter the app key and app secret. Then dropboxuploader.sh will generate a URL oAUTH

Then visit the oAUTH URL through a browser, and agree to access your Dropbox account.

This completes Dropbox Uploader configuration. Dropbox Uploader To confirm whether it is successfully authenticated, you can run the following command.

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh Info
DropboxUploader v0.12
> Gettinginfo ...
Name: DanNanni
Email: my @ email_address
Quota: 2048Mb
Used: 13Mb
Free: 2034Mb

Dropbox Uploader example

To display all the contents of the root directory, run:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh List
To list a specific folder, all the contents, run:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh ListDocuments / manuals
To upload a file to a remote local Dropbox folder, use:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh Upload snort.pdf Documents / manuals
Dropbox download from a remote to a local file, use:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh Download Documents / manuals / mysql.pdf ./mysql.pdf
From Dropbox download a complete remote folder to a local folder, run:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh Download Documents / manuals ./manuals
To create a new remote folder, use the Dropbox:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh MkdirDocuments / whitepapers
To completely remove Dropbox in a remote folder (including all the content it contains), run:

$ ./dropbox_uploader.sh DeleteDocuments / manuals
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