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  How do you change the default browser and Email Client in Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu comes with some pre-installed default applications, including the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client.

Although both applications have their own fans, but no one application can meet the tastes and needs of each person. We often receive e-mail or tweet, asking how we can change the Ubuntu default browser or e-mail link setting process for different e-mail clients like.

We are here not only to discuss how to install different software, including how to give a specific file, or set the content type link its system for processing applications.

Change the default in Ubuntu applications, including browsers, email clients, text editors, music and video players are very simple. But not everyone knows to change these settings panel where, let's take a quick look at it.

How do you change the default browser on Ubuntu

Mozilla Firefox is a stable and reliable source window of the Internet, but it is not everyone's choice. It does not matter.

To use a different default browser on Ubuntu, first of all, obviously, you need to install a new browser. This depends on how you do what you want browsers:

Open-source browser, such as Epiphany, Chromium and IceWeasel, you can install from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Mainstream browser such as Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi must be downloaded from the official website of the respective projects.

No matter which browser you choose, no matter how you choose to install, you can continue after the completion of the.

To change click on other applications (such as instant messaging, Twitter client, e-mail in) the link to open the default Web browser, you need to use Ubuntu System Configuration Utility.

You can use a variety of methods to open the system settings. One of the fastest way is to click the upper right corner (RTL system is the upper left corner) of the Cog icon and select 'System Settings' menu shortcut.

Open the 'System Settings'
Select the 'Details' option
In the sidebar, select 'Default Application'
The 'Web' entry 'Firefox' to the option you want

That's it.

How to change the default mail client on Ubuntu

Ubuntu use Thunderbird as the default mail application. This means that when you click on the e-mail address most browsers, PDF files, instant messaging software, or when on a mailto link will automatically open the application.

Of course, if you use Thunderbird, which is really convenient. But many of us is not the case; we may use such as Geary lightweight client, GNOME stalwart Evolution, or rely on webmail like Gmail or Outlook service.

On Ubuntu changed from the default Thunderbird mail client to another application, open the System Setup> Details> default application. Click on the drop-down menu to the 'Mail' and choose Select your favorite client from the list.

Provided on the Ubuntu Gmail as your default mail client, you first need to click on the button below to install the 'gnome-gmail' package. After installation open the System Setup> Details> default application. Then click 'Mail' drop-down menu, and choose Select 'Gmail' from the list.

Install on Ubuntu GNOME Gmail

The same procedure described above can also be used to set you up your favorite music player when you double-click a music file, such as VLC application processing with .avi and .mp4 files, and so on.
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