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  How ONLYOFFICE collaborative editing document on Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  "Years ago by a number of nervous, Bulletin assistant with the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but a Word document on a shared folder only Emily and I can access it. Only one person at the same time we can open it and add news, ideas, or to increase the list of items on the question and then we'll print out the updated version of my desk and shelves clipboard, and when finished deleting old content "(-.". the Devil Wears Prada "Lauren Weisberger a)

Even today people still use such "collaborative editing", only one person can open a shared file, make changes, and then tell other people what time what has changed.

ONLYOFFICE is an integrated suite of open source online office documents, email, events, tasks, and customer relationship management tools.

Use ONLYOFFICE office suite, a group of people can simultaneously edit text, spreadsheet or on display in the browser. You can leave comments directly on their documents and integrated chat tool to communicate with others with them. Finally, you can save the document as a PDF file and print. As an additional enhancement, it can browse the document history and if you need to revert to a previous revision / version.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to use the free version ONLYOFFICE deploy your own online office suite free version ONLYOFFICE is ONLYOFFICE under GNU AGPL v3 protocol released self-hosted version.

ONLYOFFICE installed on Linux

Installation requires ONLYOFFICE on your Linux system has to be mono (4.0.0 or later), nodejs, libstdc ++ 6, nginx and mysql-server. To simplify the installation process and avoid relying on mistakes, I use Docker installation ONLYOFFICE. In this case, only you need to install a dependency - Docker.

Reminder, Docker is an automated application deployment software open source project in the container. If your Linux system Docker is unavailable, install it according to the installation instructions based on Debian or Red-Hat based systems Docker.

Note that you need Docker 1.4.1 or later. To check Docker version installed, you can use the following command.

$ Docker version
Docker container in a trial ONLYOFFICE, only need to execute the following command:

$ Sudo docker run -i -t -d --name onlyoffice-document-server onlyoffice / documentserver
$ Sudo docker run -i -t -d -p 80: 80-p 443: 443 - link onlyoffice-document-server: document_server onlyoffice / communityserver
These commands will be downloaded in order to run properly with all required dependencies official ONLYOFFICE Docker image.

You can also install a separate ONLYOFFICE online editor on a Linux server, and easily integrate into your site or cloud applications through the API.

Run self-hosted online Office

To open your online office, in your browser's address bar enter localhost (http: // IP address /). A welcome page opens:

Enter a password and specify the next time you visit your office e-mail addresses used.

Edit documents online

Document First Click the link to open the My Documents folder.

STEP 1. Select the document you want to edit

Here to create a new document, click the top left corner of the "Create" button, select the file type from the drop-down list. To edit a file saved on your hard drive, click on the Create button next to the Upload button to upload the file to the Document.

STEP 2. Shared Documents

If you are in the My Documents folder, with the right of the Share button, or if you are in the document, use File >> Document Info ... >> Change Access Rights.

Sharing Settings window that opens, click on the left of the People outside portal link to open access to the document, and give full access by enabling Full Access radio button.

Finally, select a way to share the link to your document by email or you can use a social network: Google +, Facebook or Twitter to send.

STEP 3. Start collaborative editing

Invite people only need to provide the link you can start co-editing the document.

It will not automatically use color dotted line paragraph text editing your collaborators marked.

As long as one of your collaborators to save his / her changes, you'll see in the top left corner of the toolbar there is a prompt label indicates there is Update.

Click the Save icon to save the changes and updates. Then it will highlight all updates.

STEP 4. Interaction and collaborators

To write a comment, use the mouse to select a paragraph of text, right click and choose Add comment option from the context menu.

And collaborators to interact in real time, you can use the integrated chat tool. Chat panel lists all the user is editing a document. Click on the left sidebar Chat icon to open it. Enter your information into the appropriate area of the Chat panel discussion.

Helpful Hints

Finally, here are a few you take full advantage of ONLYOFFICE useful tips.

Tip # 1. OwnCloud cloud storage services such as editing a document on

If your document is stored on other network resources, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint or ownCloud, you can easily and ONLYOFFICE synchronization.

In the opened 'Documents' module, click Add the account below one of the icons: Google, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, ownCloud or 'Add account', and enter the required data.

Tip # 2. Edit a document on iPad

To modify the file anywhere, I use the iPad ONLYOFFICE Documents application. You can download from iTune and install it, then you need to enter your ONLYOFFICE address, email and password to access your documents. Almost the same feature set.
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