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  How to create a secure and easy to remember password
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Users often forget their passwords. In order not to forget your password, they are using some simple information to create a password, such as using the dog's name raised his son's name and date of birth, the name of the current month - or anything that can help them remember the password thing.

For those who break into your computer system by hackers, these passwords you create useless, like locking the door yet the key to throw the door doormat same. Hackers do not need to use special tools to discover your basic personal information - name, child's name, birth date, pet names, and so on. He can use these as clues to crack your password to try out.

Want to create a secure password easy to remember, follow a few simple requirements:

(1) Do not use personal information

Never use personal information to create a password. Others can easily guess you could use the family name, pet's name, child's date of birth or other similar details.

(2) Do not use real words

Hackers can use some tools to guess your password. Now the computer does not need to spend a long time you can put all the words in the dictionary are tried again, and then find out your password. So you'd better not make the password using real words.

(3) mix different character body

Mix different character fonts can make your password more secure. Both capital letters are lowercase letters, and numbers, and even such as '&' and '%' and so on.

(4) the use of idioms

In addition to remember those passwords with a variety of characters, you can also use the idiom, it can not also composed a dictionary word password. You can come up with a word or line of your favorite song or poem, create a password using the first letter of each word of it.

For example, instead of creating a 'yr $ 1hes' such a password, you might as well use "i like to read the about.com internet / network security web site" this sentence, turn it into such "il2rta! Nsws" passwords such as . This password, we use '2' instead of 'to', and with an exclamation point instead of the first letter of the 'internet' in 'i'. You can also use a variety of characters to create a difficult to crack password and easy for you to remember.

(5) Use a password management tool

Another way to safely store and remember passwords is to use password management tool. Such tool to save the username and password encrypted. Some can even automatically fill in the username and password information to a site or an application when you visit the site.

(6) Use a different password

If you want to protect your account and procedures for each application you should use a different user name and password. Even where one password is compromised, your password or other security. Another method is slightly lower than the safety of this approach, but it can make you between security and convenience to take a compromise. This method is for those who do not need the extra protection of their security applications are using a user name and password, and your bank or credit card site is a separate user name and password more secure.

(7) change your passwords frequently

You should at least every 30-60 days you should change your password. And you should not reuse the same password for at least one year.

(8) to strengthen the security of the password

Its users rely on every computer to understand and follow the above advice, you might as well give the operating system configuration password policies, so that the system will not accept that the password does not meet the minimum safety requirements.
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