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  How to disable UEFI to install Linux on Win8
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Now, if you buy a pre-installed Windows computers, are generally Windows8 or Windows8.1. From the beginning Windows8 Microsoft with UEFI replaces the BIOS. Although the invention is not Microsoft's UEFI, before Windows8 it already exists. For example, some devices use UEFI Mac has been for some time.

UEFI "safe start" this feature, the program will start to guide those who get signed UEFI firmware boot loader. This security feature can prevent malware Rootkit class, and provides an additional layer of security. But it has a drawback, if you want in on Win8 PC dual-boot Linux, security mechanism prevents doing so. This article shows you how to disable UEFI secure boot in Win8 in order to support Linux dual-boot system.

Disable UEFI secure boot on Windows 8 & 8.1

About Safe Boot, filled with all kinds of stories. Because of these rumors, some people think that almost started on Linux preinstalled Windows8 computer is impossible. Although the ARM PC this is true, but in the secure boot on Intel-based systems can be disabled. Honestly, disable UEFI secure boot is not a difficult task, the same dual-boot Linux and Windows 8 no.

Although the BIOS era, access to the BIOS is fairly simple, at boot time by pressing F10 or F12 key. But in the UEFI world, is not the same. To access the UEFI settings, you have to go into Windows. Let's see how to access the settings to disable UEFI secure boot on Windows 8.

Step 1: enter the PC Setup

Click the Windows + I button to enter the Windows setup interface. At the bottom, you'll see the option to change computer settings.

Step 2: enter Advanced Boot

On Windows 8 and Windows8.1, PC is provided with a slight difference. In accordance with the different systems you use, respectively, according to the various steps described below to operate:

The Windows 8: Windows 8 in, you need to enter the general-purpose PC Settings, and select Advanced Startup, and then click Restart Now

Window 8.1: In the Windows8.1, from the left sidebar click Update and Recovery:

And then click Restart Now under the Advanced Boot:

do not worry! It does not restart immediately after, but will see some options in the next step.

Step 4: Entering the UEFI settings

When you click the Restart Now button on the next screen, you will see some options that can be selected. Pick Troubleshooting:

On the Troubleshooting menu, select Advanced Options:

In the Advanced Options menu, select UEFI firmware settings:

Next, in the UEFI settings, click the Restart button to restart your system, you will see similar BIOS-like interface.

Step 5: disable secure boot in UEFI

This time, you have already started to UEFI tool interface. You can change various settings here. But we want to do, just disable the Safe Boot option that allows Ubuntu or any other Linux dual boot.

Moved to the Startup tab, where you will find a secure boot option is set to Enabled. Use the arrow keys to enter the secure boot option, then press the Enter key to select it. Use the + or - to change its value. Press * F10 key to save changes and exit the UEFI settings. ** Confirm when prompted.

Next, you will normally boot to Windows. You are now dual boot Windows8 with Ubuntu or other Linux operating system. Over period of time I will write about how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 UEFI tutorial. stay tuned.

I hope this tutorial helps you disable the secure boot Windows8 and Windows8.1. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment.
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