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  How to ensure that the Internet will not be attacked
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  "God, I'll never get online!" This is a typical reaction I was hacked after the Internet. I recently experienced with their own website or verified by ordinary users how easy it is to be black. There is no doubt that people heard too much about this aspect of the sensational reports, and realized the need for appropriate security measures. People often ask me if I also use online banking or online shopping features, or ask when using these functions, how to protect their information. Here are five tips for people who are not computer security experts, they make you safer on the Internet surfing (including firewall, antivirus software, and often patch).
1) use the browser Firefox, Mozilla, SAFAri or any other than IE
This could be your safe online single most important thing a. I have said before, I promise myself safe way is to stay away from unsafe things. IE vulnerable to viruses, spyware and adware attacks known. Although, I know that Microsoft's upcoming highly desirable IE7.0, is said to be the most secure browser. It updates so fast because it is always under attack and had to upgrade! This is a malicious attacker like a target. In my opinion, it is best to use other products, stay out of trouble. If you do need to use some sites on IE and you really need to visit it, then you have to ensure that the site is legitimate, to ensure that it is safe to IE.
2) to improve the security of your web browser
Whether you choose which browser, the network has always been a dangerous place. You need to take some steps to protect your browser. NoScript (Firefox Extensions), Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar, E-Bay Toolbar and Google Toolbar are a good tool. These plug-ins to help you identify phishing sites, protect you from hacker attacks and keep your password has been leaked to others. Most people only need the first two plug-ins can be, but if you buy something on E-Bay, of course, use their toolbar better.
3) Do not click on the link in the email
Try not to click on any links in the message, the link itself is very dangerous, not to mention you are very difficult to identify phishing messages. I'm not sure if the message is safe, I would enter the mail domain name into your web browser's address bar. In this way, I know this is not really address. If Wells Fargo need to verify my account information, I "click here", I'll enter in the address bar and sign wellsfargo.com. If Wells Fargo (or whatever you are dealing with), it does need to verify your account information, they will be on the website so requested. Some e-mail link in the relatively secure than others. For example, those are some of your action feedback messages (account registration, change passwords, requesting confirmation, etc.), these actions may be a few minutes before you operate over the Internet, the system automatically sent, feedback messages.
4) to protect email
Millions of people use email, so to some extent the protection of e-mail is more important than the protection of your bank account. Many people have some important online account with email address binding. If someone can access your e-mail account, with the account all accounts are likely to leak bound. You'd better use uncrackable password, change your password every six months almost, and not in different places using the same password. Delete e-mail with sensitive information in a timely manner will make you safer.
5) Use a separate line for a credit card when shopping
According to some of the recent events, we use online credit card password in some sites may have been leaked. The best way is to reduce as much as possible losses. Use a separate credit card transactions online, and limiting its scope, so you can easily monitor any strange transactions your credit card. In addition, even cheated, the loss will be confined to that one card. Also, minimize the use of debit cards, because the cards do not provide the consumer with a credit card the same legal protection.
Typically experts here will begin to talk about SSL, and tells you to check the lock symbol. In my experience, credit cards accepted legitimate sites support SSL. So I suggest you make sure you are really accessing the site you want to visit. Otherwise, SSL does not play any role.
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