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  How to extend / remove swap partitions
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      

Due to the installation of Oracle, swap is too small only divided by 4G, late found that the swap partition is too small to meet the use, so the expansion of the swap partition


The expansion of the swap partition is simple, but requires root privileges

# Dd if = / dev / zero of = / swap bs = 1024M count = 8 (from the / 8x1024M partition size of the space, hanging on / swap)

# Mkswap / swap (formatted into swap format)

# Swapon / swap (activated / swap, joined to the swap partition)

# Vim / etc / fstab (boot from the newly added swap partition)

-> Add

/ Swap swap swap defaults 0 0

If you do not want to use the need to delete, only need to implement # swapoff / swap
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