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  How to fix Not Enough Free Disk Space On / boot on Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Question: How to fix "Not Enough Free Disk Space On / boot" error on Ubuntu?

Today, when I upgrade Lubuntu 14.04 when it came to following this error, but very simple.

"Not Enough Free Disk Space On / boot"

This is because the old kernel and pack my / boot partition is no longer needed filled.


I heard that Ubuntu Tweak the Computer Janitor function to delete unwanted junk files. Use Computer Janitor, you can clean up your system as the newly installed imaging. Janitor deletes:

Cache (Firefox / Chrome cache, cache Software Center);
Thumbnail cache;
apt cache;
Old kernel;
Package configuration;
No longer needed packages.
If you have not installed this tool, refer to the following link

How to install and use Ubuntu Tweak
To delete unwanted junk files, open Ubuntu Tweak, Janitor click Options.

Select the file you want to delete the box, and click the Clean button.

Janitor now start cleaning up your system.

so cool! System clean-up is complete.

I started to restart the software update. This is no longer experiencing a problem.

That's it. Of course, there are other ways to clean up the system. However, this method is very easy to learn. We can only a few mouse clicks you can clean your system.
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