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  How to install Ubuntu California - the calendar application
  Add Date : 2016-12-27      
  When the non-profit software service providers Yorba declared last month when it began to develop a desktop calendar application called 'California', we are very excited - "! Right time," we said in there own headlines

Yorba behind supporting the focus on user experience of e-mail client software 'Geary' and gorgeous photo management software 'Shotwell', therefore, we are naturally very reasonable to expect them to enter the mainstream of software productivity software on linux systems.

Although California is not yet stable enough to be released to the official release, but now can be installed via the company's daily development of PPA to Ubuntu system.

Progress to date

"Neeeeeyaaaaaaaawwnnn!" - It was about to land the plane at San Francisco International Airport, some warning sound.

Yes, California is a positive development, the software has not been completed, nor stable to meet everyone uses every day, but if you are willing to get some of the bug, you can install this application on ubuntu 14.04.

This depends on whether you get the idea.

Current build (eg, at the time of this writing) provides local management and web calendar and Google Calendar (.ICS) basic support. Events can even appear in the GNOME desktop Date / Time applet.

Natural language input

When you first open the California software, presented in front of you is a summary of the month, yet by week, year, view the agenda go way, at least I did not find. You can be switched month using the navigation buttons.

You can create a new calendar by clicking the calendar icon in the toolbar (such as 'work', 'pet care') and open / close it. When all calendars are displayed in the main window, a different color for each calendar by visual distinction.

To create a new event, click on the '+' icon, then the pop-up input box using natural language input, enter a description you want to submit an event (translation: Obviously, you have to use English). For example, typing "Bake Sansa Stark A Lemon Cake on Wednesday 2.45 PM" will join the event on Wednesday, this time (14:45).

I hope some of this feature becomes more perfect. Now, although it is possible to precisely locate the date, but does not support the creation (eg, via "Skype chat with Sam every Tuesday at 7 AM"), recurring events can not identify the location or character (eg, "Coffee with Penelope on Monday 12 PM at Boston Tea Party ").

To modify more correctly, you can double-click on them to improve the grid view and edit entries created. This will open an additional field, select the time, date format, etc. window contains.


If there are some flaws, it is in appearance (bugs and the lack of functionality at this stage can be ignored). Although Adwaita theme seems to have been great, but in the default Ubuntu theme and it looks awful.

This is not Yorba (or GNOME) mistakes, but Ubuntu development team still has not increased in Compiz which support GNOME GTK new title bar right, is still in use Unity to render window.

California on ubuntu system is fully available, the problem only after the release upgrade. This problem does not affect Ubuntu GNOME or Linux Mint.

Installed in California in ubuntu14.04

If you do not pay attention to earlier reminded us once again reiterate: California is not yet stable, we are in active development.

The Yorba Daily PPA also contains the latest (not stable) version of Shotwell and Geary. The PPA will be installed in your system enables the software has also been updated.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: yorba / daily-builds
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install california
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