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  How to install Ubuntu strategy game Wesnoth 1.12.0
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source turn-based strategy game that runs on Linux systems. In the Kingdom of Wesnoth, team training soldiers, create an invincible army to attack the Orcs, Undead, bandits and win.

Very intense game, the user can select different types of hundreds of soldiers, like the infantry, cavalry, archers, wizards and so on, play with friends or strangers, in a multi-player mode.
The latest version is available for Wesnoth 1.12.0, has recently been published.
For more information about this release, see the official release notes.

On Ubuntu 14.04,14.10 and derivative system installation instructions, because there is no PPA, you need to download the source code to install, install cmake:

sudo apt-get install cmake

Download and unzip Wesnoth 1.12 Documents:

wget sourceforge.net/projects/wesnoth/files/wesnoth-1.12/wesnoth-1.12/wesnoth-1.12.tar.bz2
tar -xjvf wesnoth-1.12.tar.bz2
cd wesnoth-1.12
cd build


cmake ..
sudo make install
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