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  How to make a U disk to install Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Many of my friends know that Ubuntu is a very good Linux distribution, to the official website to download Ubuntu is very simple. But after downloading the ISO we have to how to install it? Of course, the early years we were a DVD disc recorded in a manner to be installed, and now with the drive gradually eliminated by the market, Ubuntu with Windows, like the times, you can also install Ubuntu U disk to install the way through the production .

Here we introduce how to install several ways how to make Ubuntu U disk under Windows, Mac or Linux platform.

Ubuntu Version Selection

First we need to know that Ubuntu has LTS version and the "technological frontier Edition", both versions can be used as an everyday desktop terminals, but usually we think LTS version is more stable and can be obtained from the date of issue to the five-year technical support. The so-called "technological frontier Edition" issue between the LTS versions support only nine months period, after expiration of the user it is necessary to upgrade to the new version next.

Then there is the problem of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of choice. Personally, I suggest that you have chosen to present more mainstream 64-bit version of the installation, of course, if your computer is too old or can not support it, or install the 32 bars. Before there is a more popular argument is less than the memory, do not select the 64-bit version of 3GB during installation, in fact, this statement is negligible, 64 can be more fully utilized CPU support, even if your memory is less than 3GB.

No matter what version you choose, you can go to the official website to download ISO image of the installation:

Official Ubuntu Download Mirror

Making Ubuntu installation disk U

Once download and install the Ubuntu ISO, we need to write them into the U disk. In fact, you can not make the kind of operating system Ubuntu installation U disk methods are very different, here we were introduced.

Windows manufactured Ubuntu installation disk U

Universal USB Installer is a Windows installation U disk produced under Linux is very popular and commonly a tool that is green version does not require installation, support the current mainstream Linux distributions, of course, also supports Ubuntu.

Open the Universal USB Installer, then we only need to choose good as shown above to the Ubuntu download image and then specify the good of our current U disk drive can be. In order to ensure operation without problems, I recommend that you check on the U disk formatting.

Universal USB Installer Download

Mac installation U disk produced in Ubuntu

In the U disk to install Ubuntu a Mac for many ordinary users it is more difficult, because we have to use the Mac Terminal Command. Of course advantage is not having to download those assorted tools commonly used to take up space.

Open a terminal, use the following command:

First navigate to the download folder:

cd ~ / Downloads
Then execute the following command:

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ubuntu.iso ubuntu-xxxxxx.iso
The last part of your downloaded Ubuntu image file name, the former perform according to your circumstances replace good. The command ISO image can be more easily converted to Mac format.

And then execute, delete the Mac version of the extension .dmg image file to add:

mv ubuntu.iso.dmg ubuntu.iso
Next list the current drive:

diskutil list
Insert U disk and then re-execute the above command:

diskutil list
Before the drive to find out the mount point does not have to perform:

diskutil unmountDisk / dev / diskN
Where N is the command, find the U disk mount point number.

Run the following command to start writing Ubuntu image file to the U disk:

sudo dd if =. / ubuntu.iso of = / dev / rdiskN bs = 1m
After the writing is complete, we execute the following command to eject U disk production is complete:

diskutil eject / dev / diskN
Linux installation U disk produced in Ubuntu

Produced under Ubuntu Linux installation U disk manner similar to Mac, is done through the Terminal command:

First navigate to the download folder:

cd ~ / Downloads
Then use the following command to start writing:

sudo dd if =. / ubuntu-iso-name.iso of = / dev / sdX
Wherein X is a mount point U disk, of course, ubuntu-iso-name represents the name of the downloaded Ubuntu good image, you need to change your own good.

Once created using the following command to launch U disk:

sudo eject / dev / sdX

Above we introduced three kinds of making Ubuntu installation U disk mode, I believe we can follow the steps to complete the production. If you have problems you can leave a message, we take a look at how to solve.
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