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  How to run Kali Linux 2.0 in Docker container
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

Kali Linux is an operating system for a well-known security testers and white hat. It comes with a number of security-related programs, which makes it very easy for penetration testing. Recently, Kali Linux 2.0 was released, it is considered the most important one operating system release. On the other hand, Docker technology due to its scalability and ease of use make it very popular. Dokcer let you easily bring your program to your users. The good news is that you can run Kali Linux Docker, let us look at how to do that

Kali Linux 2.0 running in the Docker

Related Tips

If you have not installed docker in the system, you can run the following command:

For Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian:

sudo apt-get install docker
For Fedora / RHEL / CentOS:

sudo yum install docker
For Fedora 22:

dnf install docker
You can run the following command to start docker:

sudo docker start
First, run the following command to ensure the service is running properly Docker:

sudo docker status
Kali Linux Kali Linux development team has a docker image upload, and only need to enter the following command to download the image.

docker pull kalilinux / kali-linux-docker

Pull Kali Linux docker

After the download is complete, run the following command to find out you download docker mirror ID.

docker images

Kali Linux Image ID

Now run the following command to start kali linux docker container (here, the right image ID required replacement) from the image file.

docker run -i -t 198cd6df71ab3 / bin / bash
It will immediately start the container and let you log in to the operating system, you can now work in the Kaili Linux.

Kali Linux Login

You may be outside of the container through the following command to verify that container has started / operation of:

docker ps

Docker Kali

to sum up

Docker is used to deploy one of the most intelligent way to package and distribute. Kali Linux Docker mirror is very easy to use, it does not consume a lot of disk space, so you can easily be in any great this release is installed on the operating system Docker tested.
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