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  How to use the command line to obtain Freely RSS source on Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Maybe you do not know Feedly, it is the world's most popular online news aggregation service one; it provides a smooth and consistent news reading experience, you can use the computer browser extensions, mobile applications for Android and iOS devices like experience Feedly. Feedly after 2013 Google Reader deactivated quickly gained a large number of users of Google Reader. I was one of them. From that point on, Feedly has been my default RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader.

Except that I really like Feedly Feedly browser extensions and program the phone, there's a way to get Feedly: Linux command line. Yes, you can use the command line to get on the news summary Feedly. It sounds stupid? But for those systems administrator on the server to work, it is very useful.

Click into Feednix, the use of open source software written in c ++ is Feedly unofficial command line client. It allows you a ncurses-based terminal interface (for example: bash) under browse Feedly news. By default mode, Feednix associated with a called w3m browser-based console, allowing you to ambient command line terminal to read the article. Of course, you can also choose to use your favorite web browser.

In this tutorial, I am prepared to demonstrate about how to install and configure Feedly Feednix to get at the command line.

Installation under Linux Feednix

You can through the following steps to build Feednix from the source code. Meanwhile, in its official github repository Ubuntu-stable (Ubuntu stable release) branch has the latest Feednix source code. Now let's get started:

As essential components, you need to install a set of development kits, and w3m browser (text-based browser page).

In Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint operating

$ Sudo apt-get install git automake g ++ make libncursesw5-dev libjsoncpp-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev w3m
$ Git clone -b Ubuntu-stable https://github.com/Jarkore/Feednix.git
$ Cd Feednix
$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ Make
$ Sudo make install
In Fedora operating

$ Sudo yum groupinstall "C Development Tools and Libraries"
$ Sudo yum install gcc-c ++ git automake make ncurses-devel jsoncpp-devel libcurl-devel w3m
$ Git clone -b Ubuntu-stable https://github.com/Jarkore/Feednix.git
$ Cd Feednix
$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ Make
$ Sudo make install
Arch Linux

In Arch Linux distributions, you can be very easily installed Feednix from AUR.

Configuration Feednix

After installing the software, use the following command to start Feednix

$ Feednix
If you are a first run Feddnix, it will pop up a web browser window, in this window, you need to log in to create a Feedly account ID and the corresponding developer key.

If you are running Feednix in the absence of the desktop environment, open a Web page on another computer

When you log in, your account ID corresponding Feedly is generated.

In order to obtain an access key, you need to send in your browser to access your mailbox key link. After the validity period will show your user ID, keys, and key in a browser window. Please note that the key length is very long (over 200 characters), so the key is displayed in a text box with a vertical scroll bar, make sure you copy down the entire key.

Like this, your user ID and the key input to Feddnix command line prompt:

[EnterUser ID] >> XXXXXX
[Enter token] >> YYYYY
After successful authorization, you will see on the screen as an initial screen Feednix two panes. Left titled "Categories" pane shows the classification of a news column; the right of the "Posts" pane shows the current categories of news articles.

Read the article with Feednix

Here I would like to briefly Miao Xu about how to access Feedly by Feednix.

Feednix navigate

Like I mentioned earlier of, Feednix window contains two panes. Want to switch between the two windows, you can use the "TAB" key. Want in a pane to move up and down the list, you can use "j" and "k". The shortcut key is obviously inspired by the Vim editor.

Read the article

To read a particular article, you can use the "o" in the current health articles. It calls w3m browser and load the articles inside the browser. When you read, you can use the "q" Kin to exit the browser and return to Feednix. If your computer environment allows to open a web browser, you can press "0" to load health articles in your default web browser inside, such as using Firefox.

Subscribe to news source

You can Feednix interface to add any kind of RSS news feeds for your Feedly account. To do so, it only need to press "a" key, it will be at the bottom of the screen displays a "[ENTER FEED]:" prompt. After entering the RSS news source, continue to enter the name of their preferred news sources and classification.

to sum up

As you can see, Feednix is a very easy-to-use command-line RSS reader. If you are a heavy user-dependent command line, but also a user Feedly words, Feednix is definitely worth trying. I Feednix developer Jarkore exchange solve some problems. I would say, for bug reports and fixes his very positive. We encourage everyone to try Feednix, and give him (Jarkore) something back.
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