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  How to use the ftp tool to transfer files between Windows and Linux
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Xftp tool is a SFTP, FTP file transfer software, Windows pc and Unix / Linux in the safe transfer of files.

To transfer files from Windows to Linux using the xftp utility, create a new FTP site:

Name: Write a meaningful name;

Host: Fill in the IP address of Linux (IP address of the query method for the importation of Linux ifconfig);

Protocol: Select SFTP;

Method: password, enter the same user name and password with Linux;

Click OK - After connecting, the Linux installation directory is displayed on the right side of the page.

At this point, the new session is complete, you can transfer files from Windows to Linux, drag the past can be, and vice versa.

The next time you use it, simply open the conversation you want.

When transferring files from Windows to Linux, do not uncompress the tarball to send to Linux.

In a Linux file problems, need to be modified, can be changed to Windows to change, and then copy back.

(Note: In the computer, you can use Notepad + + to open the file.)
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