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  How to use the TF / SD card making Exynos 4412 u-boot boot disk in Mac
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  If your system is Ubuntu, the venue where "how to use the TF / SD card making Exynos 4412 u-boot boot disk in Ubuntu"

First, we should be clear that TF / SD card can be seen as a completely blank "white paper", the reason why there are differences, the partition format, but is in this "white paper" in certain positions write some data to indicate a partition, format.
Secondly, we should also be aware that in TF / SD boot mode, exynos 4412 a power-on, the internal iROM 8KB reads data from TF / SD 1st Block (512th byte) to the internal iRAM, then from the inside iRAM address 0 runs.
A clear principle, you first need to put TF / SD low-level format - all Block all write 0.
1. Connect TF / SD card, open a terminal, use diskutil list command to see all disks connected to the computer:

There is no doubt now / dev / disk2 is my TF card, it can be seen from the TYPE attribute now TF card is FAT32.
2, use a hexadecimal editor to open TF card to view the data (skippable)

Here we use a hex editor software: Hex Fiend (under Windows you can use WinHex)
Command + Alt + O to open the path: / dev / disk2s1 (s1 the first partition of the specified disk2)
We can see the TF card has been written to control a variety of characters FAT disk format.
If you are interested in learning what these characters represent, please download the Microsoft Official Spec:
Microsoft EFI FAT32 File System Specification
Then if we write u-boot, the 512 line and 992 line at the original character is retained, which is obviously not what we want.
3, empty data TF card:

diskutil zeroDisk disk2
Turn off Hex Fiend before executing the sentence (if performed in step 2, then), otherwise it will prompt Resource Busy.
A very long time, but the execution to 4% on it, then have 8G * 0.04 = 320MB of space is cleared up, enough for us to use, use Ctrl + c interrupt diskutil process.
4, write u-boot file
First, cd to the directory where your u-boot file.
Use the dd command to write:
sudo dd if = u-boot-iTOP-4412.bin of = / dev / disk2 seek = 1
5, compared to TF card data with u-boot bin file (skippable)

 Hex Fiend were again open u-boot bin files and TF card, pay attention to this case of TF card FAT partition table has been destroyed, use Command + Alt + O to open the path / dev / disk2 (designated disk2 RAW data)
Corresponding to the location data is fully consistent with, get.
6, TF card will receive development board DIP switch to select TF start, power
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