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  I like Linux Security
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Recently organization's network has been good, especially for a LAN several computers stop contracting to other PC, arp attacks, viruses and Trojans is estimated that at the same time attack. But I always had a hunch suspected OA network or several other more well-known sites (such as Sina, Sohu, etc.) has been linked to horse. Because the Windows system reinstallation, in the case of anti-virus software and firewalls are up, actually will appear avs. ***. Info / index.htm syntax error alarm, though only momentary flashes in the status bar, but also very doubt.

In the unit with Windows systems, or more like home with Linux. In recent years, Linux has undergone enormous changes in the world, has more and more civilians. Linux security and soundness people really talked about, do not install anti-virus software up and running very smooth, the vast majority of Windows software can be found alternatives under Linux. Ubuntu has really done a good job, and actually be able to achieve comparable gorgeous vista to the effect, like this one at a lower hardware configuration situation.
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