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  Install GAMIT / GLOBK 10.50 software under Ubuntu 14.04
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu 14.04 installed GAMIT / GLOBK10.50 software

Log in to the root account (login screen, not sudo)

1. The GAMIT10.50 copied to / opt / gamit file (create a new folder gamit). Virtual machines need to share files and WIN7: Virtual Machine Settings -> Options -> Shared Folders - "Select a shared folder always start (E) and add a shared folder, drag the relevant files to the shared file folder can be. WIN above may also be a host of everyone FTP server (download address: https:? //filezilla-project.org/download.php Type = server set up a method to ask of your mother)

2. Direct the files to be copied to / opt / gamit 3. sudo -i 4. cd / opt / gamit

5. chmod + x install_software 6. ./install_software

7. y # X11LIBPATH: X11INCPATH: / usr / include since the first bit empty, need to be modified. 8. n 9. y

var script = document.createElement ( 'script'); script.src = 'http://static.pay.baidu.com/resource/baichuan/ns.js'; document.body.appendChild (script);

10. gedit /opt/gamit/libraries/Makefile.config modify MAXATM 25 MAXEPC 5760 Save and Close, start again from 6 11. "System release number translated to 3130" Remember the last number

12. gedit /opt/gamit/libraries/Makefile.config modify "OS_ID Linux 0001 3000" as: OS_ID Linux 0001 3130 (the same number you) Close and save, start again from 6

13. Select the Y word appears GLOBK installed the installation is complete, you need to configure the environment variables

14. cancellation account, switch to your own account. 15. cd ~

16. gedit .bashrc in the final surface is added:

# For GAMIT export

PATH = $ PATH: / opt / gamit / gamit / bin: / opt / gamit / kf / bin: / opt / gamit / com

export HELP_DIR = / opt / gamit / help

17. doy if there DOY: Converts various date format installation was successful
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