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  Install Python 3.3.4 under CentOS 6.4
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  1, Download python

Download python-3.3.4.tgz at http://www.python.org/

Whether the browser is saved as a download or shell command to download, because it is downloaded to a directory and then extract the local out, and then compile and install, and finally configure the environment variable ok, my local download directory is "~ / download" this directory.

Note: The shell command is downloaded as # wget http://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.3.4/Python-3.3.4.tgz

CentOS 6.4 will automatically download.

2, extract Python-3.3.4.tgz

Extract the command: # tar -xzvf Python-3.3.4.tgz

Note: As is. Tgz suffix of the file, the parameter selection is-xzvf, if the compressed file format, the parameters will be different

Not specifically specified to extract a directory, then the default extract to the same level directory, where easy to extract in the download directory.

3, compile and install Python-3.3.4

Into the unpacked directory, # cd ~ / download / python-3.3.4

Set a python will be installed to set their own directory, # ./configure --prefix = / usr / local / python-3.3

Note: /usr/local/python-3.3 is to create their own directory.

Compile the command # make

... Compile Execution ... Wait

Install the command # make install

4, the configuration environment

Because cenost 6.4 will come with python2.6 installed, so you directly enter the command # python out of the 2.6 version.

Unless you enter the absolute path to visit just installed a new version # /usr/local/python-3.3/bin/python3.3 Of course, every time the absolute path is too much trouble to lose, then modify the environment variable it.

Operation is as follows:

First look at the current PATH variable # eohc $ {PATH}


Add the path to the PATH variable # PATH = "$ PAHT": / usr / local / python-3.3 / bin

Note: /usr/local/python-3.3/bin is the directory where you just installed python.


Finally check the current PATH variable # eohc $ {PATH} is added to the.


Well here with a good PATH, the last thing to do is to / usr / bin / directory suggested a link to the file /usr/local/python-3.3/bin/python3.3 this file, so as long as the direct Enter # python will automatically start the 3.3.4 version.

First enter the # cd / usr / bin / directory

Then enter the command # rm-rf python delete the old 2.6 link file, followed by the establishment of a new, the following command

# Ln -s /usr/local/Python-3.3/bin/python3.3 ./python

In this way, we will be in the / usr / bin / directory to see such a file:

Lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 23 Mar 3 10:33 python -> /usr/local/python3.3/bin/python3.3

Here, basically python installation is complete.
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