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  Install VLC player on Ubuntu 14.10
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  VLC is an open source media player for operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Android. VLC play our favorite audio and video works, it can support multiple formats of audio and video formats, such as: mpeg, divx, mov, mp3, mp4, dvd, vcd, wmv, etc. as well as quicktime.

In this paper, we will install on Ubuntu 14.10 Ubuntu default warehouse VLC package.

Install VLC command line:

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

linuxidc @ localhost: ~ $ sudo apt-get install vlc

From Synaptic Package Manager to install VLC:

Open Synaptic Package Manager in the search field and enter VLC:

Select VLC and click "Mark for Installation" then click on "Apply" can be.

Open VLC and play audio and video files:

(Dash home -> Search -> VLC)

We also like this can open VLC to play in a terminal:

linuxidc @ localhost: ~ $ vlc latest-songs.mp3
linuxidc @ localhost: ~ $ vlc tv-serial.mp4
linuxidc @ localhost: ~ $ vlc SEAL.Patrol.2014.HDRip \ XViD \ juggs.avi
linuxidc @ localhost: ~ $ vlc farewell-video.mov
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