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  Install Websphere MB required system rpm package under Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Rarely used to Linux, the user has just set up a Websphere MB / MQ tasks under Linux. I tried several times not possible, after making inquiries, asking the question turned out to be less rpm package, but the specific package name is unknown.

- # Mount / dev / cr1 / mnt / cdrom-- will mount the CD to the file system

Direct use rpm -ivh * .rpm --replacepkgs --force --nodeps --aid - ignore rely on coercion to replace the installed rpm package under certain circumstances it is possible, but takes nearly four hours (but the system is installed , you can only select the rpm package as little as possible, otherwise, even this can not directly replace all installed here was very depressed).

However, a Linux server that the client chose the many rpm package installation, resulting rpm -ivh * .rpm --replacepkgs --force --nodeps --aid not properly enforce replacement installation. Try holding the mentality, in its own virtual machine and then install a Linux server, the choice rpm package, select the [Basic] and [develop] the rpm package, expand the package name, and then according to the package name one by one to the server rpm package mandatory replacement installation, do the morning after, deleted MB installation directory, rerun MB installer. Results Hard work pays off. MB make the installation, test.
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