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  Installation GitLab appears ruby_block supervise_redis_sleep action run
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  To install GitLab reference to official website provides installation is very simple. However, when performing GitLab-ctl reconfigure may occur
ruby_block [supervise_redis_sleep] action run
Which stop, do not move the situation. What Causes Which?
My GitLab is CentOS7 virtual machine kvm will not be the problem of the virtual machine? Investigation for a long time not.
Finally, with reference to the official website to provide a method of execution:
Performed manually exec / opt / GitLab / embedded / bin / runsvdir-start
Then execute GitLab-ctl start
Installation back to normal, GitLab also provide normal service.

But this problem is simply too disgusting. You must manually start the server is restarted, and if this one can not connect to the server GitLab can not provide the service.
Look at the problems identified and ruby is a relationship.
Dead horse a living horse medicine, see if it is the source of the problem which gem to install.
gem sources -r https://rubygems.org/
gem sources -a http://ruby.taobao.org/
Then perform
GitLab-ctl reconfigure

Where the card is no longer. The reason turned out to be another installation source to solve the problem.
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