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  installation process of Matlab 2012a under Ubuntu 14.04
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Why write this paste, on the one hand to record this process, familiar with the Linux operating system as well as the command line, on the other hand, because Ubuntu is really too easy to collapse, and the compatibility is poor, a package to fight bad deserves another feeling. Do not say, with tears.

Step 1. First of all need to have a computer to install Ubuntu 14.04, when it comes to why use Linux system, in fact, I do not know, just know that I want to do depth study, based Caffe framework CUDA toolkit, the Internet was (old driver) mentioned: "Linux system for compatibility caffe better than windows." I have to avoid falling into compatibility problems, so choose a Linux system (little groups of people to spend time in it not worth it). There are more versions, RedHat, Debian, CentOS and other Linux systems, since interactive graphical Ubuntu to do better, as well as domestic big God in depth learning, mostly use Ubuntu system, so I chose Ubuntu14.04 system (simple speaking, most online tutorials Ubuntu, so I chose to Ubuntu ~).

Step 2. Download the Matlab image (.iso file), placed in the Downloads, this arbitrary position, only to find it easy.

Step 3. Create matlab folder, mkdir / media / matlab, and then through the command sudo mount -o loop /Downloads/matlab/matl12au.iso / media / matlab ISO image files mounted under / media / matlab.

Step 4. Proceed to the next mount directory, cd / media / matlab, and then run the installation file, ./install.

Step 5. According install.txt file / media / matlab / crack path, and follow the steps to install.

Step 6. Activate next enter the installation path after matlab cd / usr / local / matlab / bin, run matlab ./matlab, according install files for matlab for activation. It is noteworthy that, when I met activation issues: "license file could not be written to disk", by matlab entire installation directory is set to "read-write executables" to solve the problem, chmod -R 777 / usr / local / matlab.

Step 7. set global environment variables in the terminal directly typing "matlab" can run the program directly. Increased variable / etc / profile in.

PATH = "$ PATH: / usr / local / matlab / bin"

export PATH

Thus, in the Ubuntu 14.04 version, complete Matlab2012a installation.
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