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  Installation under Linux Mint system guidelines for Gtk
  Add Date : 2016-04-15      
  1. Gate One Introduction

Preceded by two essays introduced open source software tty.js and wetty installed in the Linux. Tty.js and wetty are based on Node.js implement open source Web-based ssh. Today to introduce another open source Web-based ssh installed under Linux: Gate One.

Gate One in the background process is implemented using Python, its front end is JaveScript + WebSockets. About Gate One, the source code and documentation, please refer to the following link.

Gate One Homepage: http: //liftoffsoftware.com/Products/GateOne

Gate One Source: https: //github.com/liftoff/GateOne

Gate One document: http: //liftoff.github.io/GateOne/

2. Gate One installation

Gate One requires a system must meet the following two prerequisites,

(1) python: 2.6+ or 3.2+

(2) Tornado Framework 2.2+

2.1 system environments

Enter the command line terminal

$ Python -V

See you this machine is installed python, if you install python.

Then install pip,

$ Wget --no-check-certificate https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py

$ Sudo python get-pip.py

Install tornado,

$ Sudo pip install tornado

After installation is complete, we have to verify our environment,

$ Python -V

$ Python -c "import tornado; print (tornado.version)"

2.2 Gate One to obtain and install

If no local installation git, then install git,

$ Sudo apt-get install git

Get Gate One source and install,

$ Git clone https://github.com/liftoff/GateOne.git

$ Cd GateOne

$ Sudo python ./setup.py install

3. Gate One verification

Gate One profile is /etc/gateone/conf.d/10server.conf, we used the default configuration can be verified. Run the following command to start the service process Gate One,

$ Sudo gateone

After the start, through the printed information, we see Gate One service listening on port number 443, and then enter browser to open gateone page.

Then click on the icon in the middle of the Terminal landing a machine
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