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  IOS distributed management using GitHub project development
  Add Date : 2016-09-20      
  In our iOS project development process, our team members are scattered, distributed project management challenges. Git is a version capable management software, it is cvs and svn future. Below I summarize some ideas based on our experience as follows:

1. Create a github account

2, create a code repository

3, add items to github in xcode

4, to create an organization and team

5, the other players clone project

Create a github account

You can set up according to their needs git server, of course, you can also use github (https://github.com/) server to provide the open source community, where you can have free use of space 300M, but the project can only be shared if the project is private pay. Enter https://github.com/plans Register your github account.

In order to make your PC secure access github server, you need to provide an SSH digitally encrypted for your computer, you can refer to http://help.github.com/mac-set-up-git/, generate a public key. Then click -> Edit Your Profile button -> SSH key-> Add SSH Key button.

Copy the public key file with the vi text box to open the key.

Create a code repository

If you are the administrator of this project, you need to create a code repository for your project. After landing successfully entered https://github.com/repositories/new create a code repository

Add items to github xcode

In fact, local git art also need to have a code repository holding remote git repository server code to maintain a consistent, if not the team to develop a project, you should create a local code repository in order to manage their own software code. The easiest way is when the project is created on the choice of version control, select the project to create a time as follows

To be able to connect to a remote code repository, you need to do some configuration, mac terminal opened enter the command:

$ Git config --global user.name "your user name" Note: you can not account

$ Git config --global user.email "your email" Note: Register account

 Create a project directory: $ cd HelloWorld Note

$ Git init

$ Touch README

$ Git add README

 $ Git commit -m 'first commit'

$ Git remote add origin git@github.com: /HelloWorld.git

 $ Git push -u origin master

If your mac above git client software is not installed can download and install to the following address. http://git-osx-installer.googlecode.com/files/git-

After execution command in the terminal back to xcode, to ensure that all of the code has commit, and then select the menu: File-> Source Control-> push pop-up dialog box.

Click the Push button, which will push your project remote code repositories. Back github so you can see the changes.

Create an organization and team

Your account may have access to the remote code repository, but this is not enough you need your team to be able to access the remote code repository. First, you need to create an organization in github, click -> Edit Your Profile button -> Organizations-> create new organization button. Enter the organization name and organizational email.

So after you return to Profile, you can see the organization you have created a.

Select the organization Profile -> Members-> team management.

Into the team management screen click "New Team" button to enter the team creation screen.

Enter the name of the team's name, enter the registered user account Members in github project, it is automatically recognized. Select "Push & Pull" This team grants in projects, which can make the other team members can also push their projects. Select remote code repository name Repositories project. After done, click Save Team button to save.

Other players clone project

You have to add the other team members came in, and they also need to look into the setting github. Other members after landing github, select Switch account context drop-down box

Select an organization name, team name into the tissue into the team select screen picture.

Select the administrator account team screen, enter the administrator's screen.

So under your own account, you can see the code repository administrator.

You need to choose the code repository, as shown, click Fork.

Then the dialog box will pop up

Fork to click the button ... after this snapshot test code repository is added to your account below.

After these preparations are completed, you can put this remote test code repository using other account team members to clone a local. Open xcode Select Connect in the startup screen to repository

Screen input git@github.com: guandongsheng / test.git

If you can connect it to github Next button is clicked.

If everything goes successfully screen appears.
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