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  Is Linux the most secure operating system
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  News about the Linux operating system is often in the IT industry publication. Many news feature about their safety. But in fact, he claimed that "Linux is the operating system most of all safe" that argument is exaggerated. Although many Linux distributions much better than Microsoft's Windows operating system and Apple's Mac OS X operating system security, but there is evidence that most Linux distributions can not match the standard FreeBSD operating system, let alone general-purpose operating system You may have the best safety record of the OpenBSD operating system.

Excluding operating system like RTOSes, IBM i, OpenVMS and TrustedBSD like for a particular purpose. Many people tend to think: compared to closed source operating systems, the popular open source operating system has some security advantages. They Linux as a symbol of the open source operating system, while Microsoft Windows is closed source operating system representative of the. In this case a second election, you should select the "Linux is the most secure operating system." But the real world is not so simple.

In fact, the abstract Linux is concerned, it is not one of the most secure operating system. In fact, some Linux distributions is deliberately not provide comprehensive security guarantees in the default configuration. Generally speaking, Linux operating system security is in between the two extremes.

In addition, to determine the most secure operating system is not so simple. Most people do not understand what is real security, and how safety assessments. Even for professionals, the safety factors involved are also numerous:

Code quality audit

The default security configuration

Quality and response time * Patch

Architecture privilege separation

Other aspects of More ......

For example, even if we ignore any run you can not run a popular browser (such as Firefox, Firefox), the popular e-mail client (such as Thunderbird), as well as popular office suite (such as openoffice.org) application software, etc. operating system and platform environment is limited to Intel x86 architecture graphical user interface under (WIMP / GUI), Linux can not beat all the other options. Even as the largest circulation and most widely distributed version of Ubuntu Linux, it is impossible.

In fact, even if some people say, Ubuntu is the most secure Linux distribution, but at the time I write this, there is an operating system in every aspect than Ubuntu, but some of which are other Linux distributions. Of course, if this is true, Linux is the most secure operating system, it may be more secure than OpenVMS. But I do not think so.

If you are think "Linux is the most secure operating system", then I suggest the best reconsider. Other operating systems may be higher than the security of Linux. Select the operating system in time, it is best to conduct some investigation to confirm the actual results.

About "Linux is the most secure operating system What?" Detailed answer is, it depends on what operating system is and compared, or is specific to all aspects of the operating system are compared (and not just comparisons are open source or What closed source), and your operating system needs are. If you mean the popular open source operating system is more secure than the popular closed source operating system, meaning that Ubuntu's default configuration is more secure than Microsoft's Windows Vista, is this. But only said: "Linux is the most secure operating system," on the other hand, this statement is imprecise and inaccurate.
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