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  iTerm - let your command line can also be colorful
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Today, we give a presentation tool: iTerm. This time we are talking about has nothing to do with the development of technology is just a tool. But although it is a tool, but allows you to upgrade a skill level. Here we take a look at what had happened. Every developer will inevitably use the command line, from the git repository operations, to run some scripts that are inseparable from the command line. Although the graphical interface now has been very strong, but in many cases, using the command line is still the most efficient way.

iTerm Profile

iTerm is a completely free, released under the GPLv2, designed for Mac OS users to create command-line application.

Very geek style bar, we can click on Downloads to enter the download page, select a version for your system, we are here to download version 2.9

After downloaded, we started iTerm journey.

Of course iTerm website also has a Chinese version

We opened iTerm will first see this interface

Standard command-line application of color, of course, this was not very lively color scheme may, of course, you can modify the color, we can adjust the settings to open Perferences

After entering the setting interface, we can find the color scheme Colors panel inside the Profiles tab, in the lower-right corner down box, we can see that there are several built-in color schemes for us to choose, such as black style, white style, dark blue style, etc.

iTerm shortcuts

iTerm course, more than a change of the skin is so simple, it provides a lot of convenience features, let us use the command line more smoothly.


You can also select text without using the mouse

iTerm provides a mechanism to be departing from the mouse to select text, called search + Tab, do not underestimate this tiny little feature that allows you to stay focused. We use the command line, it often will choose to go to the command line, copy and paste text. For example, the ping command on it, we use the ping command to get a domain name IP parsed:

localhost: ~ icafe $ ping z.cn
PING z.cn ( 56 data bytes
^ C
--- Z.cn ping statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss
I believe we have had this experience: After the ping command to get IP, we want to copy it down, we can only pick up the mouse, and then select the precise period IP, and then copy it out. Frequent switching between the keyboard and the mouse, it will affect our attention.

iTerm provides us with a good method, we first press Cmd + F to bring up the search box, and then enter this IP prefix, such as 106

We found a way to search this text, the next amazing thing to happen again, and we then press the Tab key, we found iTerm automatically help us put this IP is selected, and automatically copied to the clip to help us plates

We need to use this IP anywhere, press Cmd + V key, you can tell it to copy out of it. This is a small function, so we do not have in frequent switching between the keyboard and mouse, and very practical.

Support for a key to bring up the command line

We sometimes encounter such a situation is that we want to perform a particular operation using the command line, then you do not need it anymore. In fact, in this case we do not need to open a command-line applications. For example, we just want to look at a file folder which has nothing similar to this operation we actually do not need to open a separate command-line window.

This is a key function of the role played tune iTerm friends, we enter the setting interface, enter the Keys tab

We look at the lower left corner to set the interface, there is a Hotkey option, we will be all the check boxes under this option is turned on, and set a custom shortcut, I set here is Cmd + \. then. . . We can withdraw the iTerm.

Later it. . When we need the command line, we only need to press the shortcut key we have just defined look. . Amazing thing happened

iTerm in the form of translucent, at the top of the desktop shows up, we can execute commands we need here, such as ls command to view the contents of certain directories, when executing the commands we need, we pre-press again Let shortcuts, floating on top of the command line interface disappeared. This runs the command line always forget to close the window of lazy people (like me ~), it is a great boon, oh.

Command line flag function

This function is simply, we press Cmd + Shift + M in a row that this be marked down. Then when we need to, you can press Cmd + Shift + J can immediately jump back to the line.

Regular expression search

Needless to say this now, you can search for wayward, specially prepared for geeks, just in time to call up the search interface, the Regular Expression option on the hook, you can use regular expressions to search the

Clipboard history

This is a very convenient feature, iTerm we will be able to use the command line during all copy and paste operations saved, then we press Cmd + Shift + H in any place you can copy and paste a list of all of our content

And also it shows the time entries are replicated, since then, enjoy the copy and paste it ~

Snapshots return

This function is called iTerm kill another device, such as you execute some commands at three in the afternoon, when, and then after a few hours, you have to perform other commands. If this time you want to go back and look at three p.m. never been seen what you've done how to do it, the answer is to use snapshots iTerm return function. Press Cmd + Option + B will be displayed on a timeline interface

At this time, we press the left and right arrows of the keyboard, the timeline will be a free shuttle, this time on the command line interface iTerm also varies as the contents of your selected time points up. Very magical, very convenient ~

Label switching arrangement

When we use the command line, you will find with the use of, unknowingly opened a lot of labels, like me,

At this time, we want to find a window in so many labels very troublesome Oh. At this time we can press Cmd + Option + E keys. . .

And a marvelous thing happened, we saw that all labels are neatly arranged on the screen, and the top left corner of the screen shows us a search box, we can enter our memory to search for content as needed, and then iTerm and we will enter the keyword that best matches the label is highlighted, and then we press the enter key, you can switch to that label friends ~

Smart choice

This little feature is also very practical, we four consecutive click the mouse to select text, which will be based on our time iTerm mouse points to the text, select the text intelligent. For example, we just refer to the mouse in the text of a URL above, this time we click on the URL four consecutive, smart selection will help us select the URL, instead of our effort to be precise with the mouse to point, drag and drop to in order to select the URL, like this

So we can easily select the content, in addition to the URL, but also includes Email address, a string of double quotes are intelligent selection of the identification target.

Geeks software developed fully into account the diverse needs of geeks ~

It was already on the simple understanding of iTerm it here for everyone to share. It may not be profound, but it is intended to initiate, as we open a new way of thinking. Like practice, constantly absorb many nutrients, can make your internal forces growing, although can not be brought in a very short period of time, but as time goes on, are suddenly at some point in time, you find yourself at child strong.
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