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  Kali Linux 2.0 U disk installation errors Your installation cd-rom could not be mounted
  Add Date : 2016-05-23      
  1.kali 2.0 the day before yesterday (2015.08.11) was released. Decisive downloaded to replace the native version 1.0.

2. U-disk installation process, the emergence of cd-rom can not be mounted. Tip error Your installation CD-ROM could not be mounted.

3. After Google search, reference to foreign methods.

4. After some exploration. Obtained solution, the unit test is successful. as follows:

Kali2.0 installation process, the installation interface (that is, select a language, set the user name and password, boot partition and other interface) will have a penultimate execute a shell option.

After selecting execute a shell, will execute the shell window.

The first step: df -m

At this time will see the mount information, the bottom is / dev / xyz / media

This is a U disk apparatus mounted to / media, resulting in cd-rom can not be mounted.

The second step: umount / media

Above that foreign solutions will continue to mount / dev / xyz / cd-rom

But do not have to mount the unit test, the installation program will mount their own. It will lead to his own mount behind the GRUB installation failed.

The third step: exit

After exiting the command window to continue the installation.
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