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  KVM installation under CentOS 5.5
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Hands-on Linux (CentOS 5.5) installed under KVM, sorted out the specific steps:

1. Check cpu supports virtualization, Run #cat / proc / cpuinfo | grep flags

Cpu appear vmx or svm expressed support for AMD platform where svm, vmx for the Intel platform.

2.KVM installation package is already included in the system tray inside the installation package directly mount the CD, set up the yum source from local disc

yum --disablerepo = \ * --enablerepo = c5-media groupinstall 'KVM' installation

Check whether the system is loaded kvm modules:

Method One: [root @ mail ~] # lsmod | grep kvm

kvm_intel 86920 0

kvm 226208 2 ksm, kvm_intel if it does not appear, restart the system will display!

Method Two: [root @ mail ~] # virsh -c qemu: /// system list

Id Name State

---------------------------------- No error message appears it means installed correctly!

3. Restart the computer, enter the BIOS, turn on virtualization capabilities of the CPU (depending on the bios of your own!)

BIOS -> Advanced -> Processor Configuration -> Intel (R) Virtualization Technolog select Enable,

4. Create a bridge (bridge-utils what tools without installation, the system has been installed by default)

cd / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts /

cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-br0

vi ifcfg-eth0

DEVICE = eth0

# BOOTPROTO = none commented

HWADDR = 38: 60: 77: 30: 5a: 16 commented

ONBOOT = yes

# TYPE = Ethernet commented

Add BRIDGE = br0

# NETMASK = commented

# IPADDR = commented

# GATEWAY = commented

vi ifcfg-br0

DEVICE = br0


HWADDR = 38: 60: 77: 30: 5a: 16 can not write

ONBOOT = yes

TYPE = Bridge this very important

NETMASK = to specify the actual situation

IPADDR = I manually specify the ip to be dhcp automatically get! !

GATEWAY = specify the actual situation

service network restart ifconfig view related information

5. The system graphical interface, in Applications - under> System Tools Click VirtualMachine Manager Open

6. Install the operating system inside the KVM, and VMware in a similar manner to the installation method.

In the Select Network connection mode when selecting NAT (bridge br0)! ! !

Virtual system image path: / var / lib / libvirt / images /, delete unneeded virtual system corresponding .img files.

7. After set up, wait for the system is installed, the network model is the bridge br0, the system is installed you can restart the Internet.
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