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  Learning how to teach safety system to prevent your own IP leakage
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Before the formal variety of "hacking", hackers will take all means to detect (you can also say "reconnaissance") each other's host information in order to decide what the most effective way to achieve their own ends. Take a look at how hackers learn the most basic network information - each other's IP address; and users how to guard against their own IP leakage.
Get IP
"IP" Net users as an important mark, a hacker first need to know. The method of obtaining more, hackers will vary depending on network conditions to take a different approach, such as: use the Ping command in the LAN, Ping each other in the network name to obtain IP; using IP version of the QQ displayed directly on the Internet. The most "cow", is the most effective way is to intercept and analyze each other's network packets. This is a Windows 2003 Network Monitor to capture network packets, the average user probably more difficult to understand those 16 hex code, and knowledge for understanding the network hackers, they can be found in the packet directly through the software and analytic intercepted after IP header information, and then based on that information for specific IP.
Hide IP
Although reconnaissance IP methods varied, but users can hide IP method also diverse. Take the deal with the most efficient "packet analysis" is concerned, it can be installed to automatically remove the sending IP packet header information of some software. However, use of these software some shortcomings, such as: it takes serious resources and reduce computer performance; affected when visiting some forums or websites; not suitable for Internet cafe users and so on. Now individual users hide IP using the most popular method should be using a proxy, since the rear using a proxy server, "URL forwarding" will send out packets have been revised so that the method "packet analysis" failure. Some easy to leak user IP network software (QQ, MSN, IE, etc.) support the use of proxy connect Internet, especially after using the QQ "ezProxy" and other proxy software to connect, IP version of QQ can not show the IP address. Here the author describes a relatively simple proxy for individual software users - newbies IP hidden device, as long as the "proxy server" and "proxy server" fill in the correct proxy server address and port, you can use a proxy for http, more suitable due to circumstances of IE and IP QQ leak.
However, using a proxy server, also has some disadvantages, such as: will affect the network speed of communication; requires a computer can provide proxy capabilities on the network if the user can not find such a proxy server can not use a proxy (when looking for a proxy server, You can use "proxy hunter" and other proxy server on the network scanning tools).
Although the agent can effectively hide the users IP, but also advanced hacker can bypass the proxy, find each other's true IP address, the user which method to use hide IP under what circumstances, but also because the case is concerned.
In addition the firewall can use IP hide the extent that there is a firewall such as ZoneAlarm hidden in the online IP functionality.
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