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  Learning the Linux powerful network management capabilities
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  After nearly a month's time, I initially learned to use linux its powerful network management capabilities, which I passed in this month in the online information in conjunction with their learning. Gradually learned to see the man page document, combined with the existing iptables rules to learn how to use and make improvements. As already learned how to learn English and preliminary documents to the new command. I am most rewarding Yes. Fengdiao specified IP segment iptables -t tablename -m iprange --src-range XX-XX -d destination -j option as well as some information about defining IP and MAC and other measures. As iptables -t tablename -s source-ip / mask -d dest-ip / mask -p option -j option OR iptables -t tablename -m mac --mac-source XX: XX: XX: XX -d des-ip / mask -p option -j option and other methods.

Now the problem is that some tables such as mangle the relevant traffic control and some modifications header commands and methods not yet learned. For me this novice in terms of the beginning I actually really want to buy a book about linux perspective. Later, however, I went to the library to read a few books several times only to find I actually just need to explain the information in those books and theoretical knowledge about the command of a small part of. And theoretical knowledge in my intermediate grade exam time has learned a lot. And found that things can really do still need to have a real problem for concrete operations, simply can not rely on those theories into practice in question.

The actual tools available I think the most economical and practical and powerful and stable network operating system and network management systems are not well-known specific equipment and certain specialized software tools. Under the conditions and environment in everyday office needs, as well as the financial flexibility to consider future maintenance of functional flexibility and hardware investment to consider. Use several PC and simple enough to complete the full functionality of the network switches valuable Cisco switches, etc. can be completed. Although the efficiency of the hardware is much higher than software, but with modern software and hardware technology progress and development, the network load can by load-balancing techniques to share processing tasks to the central node of the network card different hosts come up, and its processing software on a node on a computer can do to linux. And only need routing function and the corresponding firewall policy can be. Other components can not be installed. Of course, just because it does not require additional features, which need to 'local conditions'.
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