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  Let Ubuntu 14.04 Save screen luminance value
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu / Debian systems have a common problem, that is, each boot, the system will put your screen brightness to maximum. I was surprised why the 14.04 version of the problem is not fixed. But we can make Ubuntu startup script regarded brightness settings each time to a fixed value.

First, look at your screen brightness range of values:

sudo cat / sys / class / backlight / acpi_video0 / max_brightness

I was 15, which means that the luminance value may be between 0 and 15.

Modify /etc/rc.local, before the final exit 0 add:

echo 3> / sys / class / backlight / acpi_video0 / brightness

Complete system will start the final implementation of the script, so each boot, will set the brightness value to 3.
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