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  Linux 101 hack book reading notes
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Modify ~ / .bashrc
alias .. = "cd ../ .."

grep [options] pattern filename

find Find files
find / etc --name "* mail *" / etc directory under the file name contains mail files
find. -mtime +10 10 days did not modify the current directory
find. -mtime -2 modify the current directory last 2 days

xargs as output as input to another command parameters
find / etc -name "* .conf" | xargs ls -l
Lists / ect at the end of the conf file obtained as a result of the input parameters of ls -l

sort -t: -u -k 3 nams.txt
Use: The third separated as line items are sorted, -u indicates remove duplicate
ps -ef | sort and other commands with

cut -d: -f 1,3 text.txt
Showing 1 of 3 lines, separated by colons, separated by a colon display

stat display file attribute information

Know today, tar is the meaning of the archive, always thought it was a tragedy compression
tar -cvf /tmp/log.tar ~ / text
c Create archive
v display during execution of a command
f specify the archive file name
x extract files from the archive

Unzip tar.gz
You need to specify z
tar -zxvf /tem/log.tar.gz

Unzip gzip2
You need to specify j
tar -jxvf /tmp/log.tar.bz2

gzip is faster
bzip compression rate is relatively high
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