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  Linux and Unix systems really do network more secure
  Add Date : 2016-11-29      
  For a long time, Windows system, emerging vulnerabilities, viruses, Trojan horses and hacker attacks spread, the difference of security so that we swallow, have a "weak" feeling. Many users do not want to tolerate such long-term torture, the evolution of the expectations of other operating systems for the server, Unix has become a good choice, individual users is also growing interest in Linux, SUN believe the government should develop special version of Linux and kernel code to provide news, is not groundless, are Unix and Linux really secure?

First, open source is more secure?

As many versions of Unix and Linux is open source, so many people believe their safety is monitored by programmers around the world, they are any loopholes and back doors will be found, so many people want to believe they are subjective than Microsoft It has not disclosed the kernel of Windows more secure.

Faced with the challenges of Unix and Linux, Microsoft has also been signed with the Chinese government, "government security program source code agreement," agreed the agreement, approved by relevant departments of the government departments can access part of the Windows system source code, along with the operating system's security related to the national security awareness deepens, like Microsoft "generous" act, not surprising! Undeniable, open source for software development as well as strengthen its security will have a certain role in promoting. If from a purely technical point of view, in such a large operating system, carefully hidden back door, perhaps only the developers can understand and use, whether Windows, Unix or Linux or can not avoid this fact.

Under the premise that you are interested in, Linux source code you can download and enjoy reading, but usually we are concerned about those well-known program, a large number of other (8-9) of the program you may simply not interested or do not have time to examine it again, even if the security experts do not necessarily able to catch one of the loopholes. Many processes for Unix and Linux vendors to rewrite the will of its performance and safety testing, but power alone a security vulnerability discovered little chance. It has been (do not remember the name, Sorry) would have been to conclusion: no system is absolutely safe, Unix and Linux is no exception.

Second, which is more secure?

Indeed, there are many loopholes in Windows, always gives the impression of insufficient security, fairness, however, attacks against it too much, so it's more loopholes, more easily found by everyone, and I think that it has not yet disclosed the kernel not unrelated. Most security experts and vendors believe that on three types of operating systems in terms of security, Unix security best, Linux Second, the bottom is Windows. But for the security of Linux, people are still controversial. But from the point of view of security vulnerability remediation, Linux is often the remedial speed than other commercial operating systems to be fast, because the open source community can be very timely release patches or even users themselves can modify the Linux source code for potential security holes . For ordinary commercial applications, Linux's security is sufficient, but in fact, in such applications, Windows security is also sufficient.

Third, the facts speak for themselves:

In fact, as early as 1988, Unix platforms have been released out of the first large-scale worm, but just as I was, like Unix systems, are not known. With the Klez virus infection on Linux platforms notice, to make people come to realize that the original Unix and Linux has security problems. The next virus even more, such as: Lion.worm, OSF.8759, Slapper, Scalper, Linux.Svat and BoxPoison etc. virus. There is a student in Austria, and even prepared a guide on how to write ELF virus on the Linux platform, but even so, many viruses still are not familiar. Has been viruses too Unix / Linux is already a lot, Unix are: FreeBSD, HP / UX, IBM AIX, SCO Unixware, SCO OpenServer, Sun Solaris and SunOS, etc., Linux are: SUSE Linux, Mandrake Linux, Red Hat Linux , Debian GNU Linux, Slackware Linux.

WINE is an open source compatible software package allows UNIX platforms running Windows applications. While this seems like a good choice, however, use WINE for Unix / Linux systems are particularly vulnerable to virus attacks. Because they make both for UNIX or for Windows viruses, worms and Trojan horses can be a threat to the system. In fact, both Unix / Linux or Windows, viruses and Trojans works are similar, we can be understood as a simple virus without your consent procedures for infection and destruction of other programs, the worm is not regarded as a code block through your consent to self-replicate, although some systems will copy the behavior of Bug exists, but conscious of its active behavior unconscious behavior and viruses, worms, Trojan horses or different. In Unix systems, the name of a tar or df disguised Trojan horse, or even remove the entire file system, which is obviously very scary.

Fourth, examples as evidence:

In order to further understand the Unix / Linux environment, working principle and process of the virus, or a combination of the best examples about the virus. Use Apache in Unix / Linux system as a WEB server users is relatively large, and Linux.Slapper worm. Slapper is targeted their attacks, this worm makes a GET request to the 80-port WEB via HTTP protocol to obtain Apache version, which once found easy to attack version, then connect to the server on port 443, the use of a buffer overflow vulnerability worm to use the appropriate package replaces the corresponding file server. After the replacement is successful, the worm will use a local compiler (such as: GCC) compiler itself, the result will be compiled binary from / tmp directory began to spread, listening UDP port, to accept more long-term Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack instructions. Finally, DDoS attacks paralyze the system manufacturer TCP flood of orders. Some of the Slapper virus variant will scan the entire class B network to find easy to attack the Apache server.

There is also a typical example, Linux Lion worm worm. It is through the scan class B networks 53 port, from which to find and easy to attack DNS server (Unix / Linux based platform), if find the target server, it will clear the log file, and then planting a variety of Trojan file to hide its real intentions . It copied the files almost can not see any flaws, it will delete some system files in order to achieve better hidden purpose. Once the deployment process is complete, it will send the file to the remote computer password set in advance, other variants of Lion can sniff active connection in the password information through the sniffer. By obtaining system access, virus hackers can use remote systems DDoS attack, steal credit card numbers, or the theft and destruction of confidential documents, records.

Conclusion: To make your Unix / Linux system more secure, choose the right anti-virus products are issues that must be considered, some of the Unix / Linux is designed to be mounted on the firewall, or deployed in the message and groupware server. The network has a Unix / Linux server, secure server is particularly important, and the majority of manufacturers still need programmers tireless efforts!
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