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  Linux and Windows virtual machine shared folders ---- Linux install VMware tools
  Add Date : 2016-05-14      
  File inside the virtual machine you want to get the original native system, very troublesome. In order to achieve the original shared file system and virtual machine folders, you can install VMware tools to achieve shared objectives.

1 install vmware tools

(1) Check the virtual machine is mounted on the drive, if you have to unmount the mount

(2) extracting archive vmwaretools

Copy vmwaretools in gz archive to their own folder (optionally, you can find yourself on the line)

Then extracting archive using tar -xzvf vmware ------ *. Gz command

Follow the prompts to enter and confirm ENTER

2 shared folder settings

In the virtual machine VM options, select the setting option, the following tips may be selected:

After selection into the system, enter the following command in the terminal

At this point, it is possible to operate a shared folder.
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