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  Linux AS4 VPN server in conjunction with a firewall perfect
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  As we all know, VPN (virtual private network) provides secure connectivity for enterprises, and with it, you can make a business trip employees easily connect to the company network via broadband, certainly, but also pay attention to your LinuxAS4 release vpn firewall data package.....

1. Press the topology map to build a good environment, the specific method I do not nonsense, I believe we are clear

2. Mount the CD-ROM, install vsftp, upload the necessary software vpn service

3. Create shared win2003-1 (within the analog network file server), the external network allows traveling employees to access.

4. Upload the necessary software, and a brief overview about the role of each package.

5. Upgrade Install the ppp package (linuxAS4 version comes with not enough), the installation package dkms

6. Install pptpd packages.

7. The following pptpd start editing the main configuration file, within a specified network IP, client address pool IP.

8. Prepare to edit / etc / ppp / chaps = secrets user profile. Adding liruxin and liwentao two users for testing.

9. User Profile Examples

10. Restart pptpd service, and open the packet forwarding function

11. The following new win2003-2 in a vpn connection. Specify the server IP.

12. Set release vpn firewall packet

13. let's start with the user to connect to the vpn server liruxin

14. The connection is successful, and successfully obtained the IP address.

15. The following test liruxin user can access the company network file server

16, you can start testing liwentao user can successfully landed vpn server, and should get a fixed IP fishes profile set

17. Finally, the user liwentao also successfully got the IP.

Thus "LinuxAS4 VPN server and firewall perfect combination of" successful test ....
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