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  Linux, Chrome browser font settings beautification
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Windows would have no chance, as well as its own font rendering technology Cleartype DirectWrite on pulpy mess. Mac font rendering below have been very good, so the key is in how to make Linux Chrome's font rendering more beautiful? First, to understand that, Chrome's font rendering dependent on two o'clock: Linux operating system font rendering settings, and Chrome's own web font rendering control. In Fedora 22 GNOME 3.16 environment, using gnome-tweak-tool set font rendering fine-tuning is none, antialiasing after Rgba, but no effect on the Chrome, Chrome still use the "full" fine tuning mode font rendering, which can lead many Chinese font display very ugly. The reason is that, Chrome is to read the Linux system fontconfig configuration, by default the system does not configure the fontconfig font global hint, so we only need to create a local.conf in / etc / fonts directory, you can write the following :

< ? Xml version = "1.0"?>
< ! DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
< Fontconfig>
    < Match target = "font">
        < Edit name = "autohint" mode = "assign">
            < Bool> false < / bool>
            < / Edit>
        < Edit name = "hinting" mode = "assign">
            < Bool> false < / bool>
        < / Edit>
        < Edit name = "hintstyle" mode = "assign">
            < Const> none < / const>
        < / Edit>
    < / Match>
< / Fontconfig>

After saving systems can be found all programs can follow this setting, close to fine-tune font rendering, Chinese font rendering will be very nice. Next, install in Chrome stylish widget, create a valid style for all sites, and their use as "All", which reads as follows:

body * {
    ! Font-family: "Source Han Sans CN" important;
pre, code, kbd, samp, var {
    font-family: "Monospace", "Source Han Sans CN" important;!

This ensures Chrome access to any sites have adopted this style. Of course, do not forget to set its own in Chrome font to font you like to.
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