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  Linux command execution judge sentences -;, &&, ||
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Command execution judgment basis -;, &&, ||

In the Linux operation and maintenance during the ordinary course or Linux operating system will execute multiple commands at the same time, so we need multiple commands manner.


By using the ';' semicolon to execute multiple commands, such as for example:

#sync; sync; shutdown -h now


Run by the judge, && / || the implementation of such cases:

cmd1 && cmd2:

If cmd1 completed and executed correctly ($? = 0), then started cmd2

If cmd1 completed and incorrect execution ($?! = 0), then open cmd2 not executed

cmd1 || cmd2:

If after cmd1 completed execution ($? = 0) is correct, cmd2 not executed.

If completed after cmd1 error ($?! = 0), then started only cmd2

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3. Analyzing / home / Samlee directory exists, if there is displayed "exist", if there is no will display "not exist"

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