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  Linux command line to put on your coat GUI
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  For many novice Linux, the command line can be quite terrible thing. Those veterans, even the skilled veteran who, like myself, to see the black text on a green background, as if recollecting ancient times ancestors left on the wall to our signal, but this does not prevent us today would like to introduce to you CLI Companion become a cool application.

CLI Companion concept is actually very easy, this GUI environment allows you to double-click to enter CLI commands. You can create your own commands (a bit like a bookmark command line), or you can search from a large database applications want to use. Even if the input command requires command line parameters as you can get, the application will pop up a window prompts you to enter the appropriate parameters.

If you're a complete Linux experts, installing a CLI Companion it seems to be a sound silly thing. But you have to use the command line, but if you are not accustomed to using the command line, it might be for you a perfect "hybrid tool." You certainly will be issued with emotion: I learned some command line commands, but I do not know it's there!

GUI of CLI? GUI interface characters? It sounds very contradictory, look here to understand.
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