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  Linux common network tools: batch scanning of hosting services netcat
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Netcat also known as Swiss Army knife, hackers and system administrators commonly used network tools, originally developed purpose file transfer, and later developed a lot of powerful features, such as hosting services can be done batch scanning.

Before the introduction of another, more commonly used bulk hosting service scan tool: nmap.

netcat installation is very simple, direct yum install:

yum install nc

Is generally not recommended in a production environment installation nc, nc because in addition to batch scanning hosting service, it also supports proxy port, file transfer, likely to cause safety problems.

Batch Scanning netcat of hosting services

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

netcat when scanning commonly used parameters:

-w timeout settings

-z O mode

-v show command execution

Commonly used commands:

TCP protocol

nc -v -z -w2 1-50

UDP protocol

nc -v -z -w2 -u 1-50

netcat the file transfer

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

netcat can specify a local port number to open listening mode, the client can use the same netcat port to send information to open a connection, the information will be displayed on the service side.

Open listening

nc -l 2389

establish connection

nc localhost 2389

If the output is redirected to the service side of the document, it can be used for file transfer:

nc -l 2389> test

Transfer files

cat testfile | nc localhost 2389

If the test on a single server, you can use the & nc switch to the background task in order to run the client.
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