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  Linux common network tools: ping host sweep
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  There are many powerful network scanning tools under Linux, network scanning tools can be divided into: host scanning, the host scanning services, scanning the route.

fping a host scanning tool, compared to the ping tool can batch scan host.

fping official website: http: //fping.org/

Source code compiler installation fping

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Fping visit the official website for the source address

Compile and install command:

wget http://fping.org/dist/fping-3.10.tar.gz
tar -xvf fping-3.10.tar.gz
cd fping
make install

Through the above command, fping it installed to / usr / local / sbin / fping.

fping common parameters introduced

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Fping main parameters are the following two:

-a: Show only survived the host;

-u: Show only non-viable host;

-l: ping cycle

Input target IP addresses:

fping IP1 IP2 IP3 ...;

fping -f filename;

fping -g IP1 IP2 (IP1 address of the start of the range, IP2 address end of the range)
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