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  Linux cron job (crontab) Examples
  Add Date : 2016-10-09      
  Linux will implement the experimental example ---- "/ etc" The following files are packaged per 2 minutes stored in "/ usr / lobal" directory

Step1: Edit and save the current user's crontab
Input Terminal:
> Crontab -u root -l # view the root user to set a timer
> Crontab -u root -e # compiler enter vi mode

00-59 / 2 * * * * / bin / bash /usr/local/crontab_test.sh

Esc to exit edit mode, the input end of the file ": wq" to save

Step2: / usr / local directory, write file crontab_test.sh

! / Bin / bash
cd / usr / local
DD = `date +% d`
MM = `date +% M`
SS = `date +% S`

BACKETC = $ DD $ MM $ SS.tar.gz
tar zcvf $ BACKETC / etc
echo "filebackup finished!"

Step3: After the completed file, enter the following command in the terminal to modify the file permissions > Chmod u + x crontab_test.sh


(Wait a few minutes later, to the next / usr / local catalog can be found much better * .tar.gz file!)

Attachment: Specific use under Linux crontab can refer to "man crontab" command!
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