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  Linux Desktop allows exceptionally different launch applications
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recently, you can hear a lot of complaints about the new Ubuntu Unity interface. I remember when Unity began to rise, I just leave Archlinux. However, Unity indirectly led to a consequence: as people are uncomfortable with it, people began to focus on other Linux distributions and desktop environments. And if your system supports Unity, no one will object to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

So today I recommend to you an absolutely original application launcher: Gnome-Pie. You might think that he was inspired by World of Warcraft widget "OPie". Because they share a similar concept: a keyboard shortcut to open the round, "Menu", you can select an application or command to start. The main idea behind this design is that users do not have to remember commands, but to remember his direction and operation. It is designed to make pie pointer can start each application with the same distance. Plus we have so many custom key combination, which greatly improves the efficiency and maximize ergonomics.

Install Gnome-Pie

On Ubuntu, Gnome-Pie can be obtained from the universe repository, but, for some reason, this version is not very stable and often will crash. As an alternative, I suggest that you download from the official source.

$ Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: simonschneegans / testing
$ Sudo apt-get update
$ Sudo apt-get install gnome-pie
In Fedora, you can use the following command:

$ Sudo yum install gnome-pie
For Archlinux, you can find it in AUR.

Basic usage of Gnome-Pie

Default, Gnome-Pie has a more reliable initial configuration. First, you can use Ctrl + Alt + a recall, it will show you the basic system applications.

Next, press Ctrl + Alt + b bring up the second round, which will display your file manager bookmarks.

The third, and perhaps most useful, it will show you the application menu, press Ctrl + Alt + Space to bring up.

Fourth, only for controlling the music player. You can guess, the shortcut key is Ctrl + Alt + m.

Fifth, you can quickly access the restart, shutdown and logoff command (Ctrl + Alt + q, q I guess it is representative of Exit).

Finally, the sixth, Pie you can use to control the window can be minimized, size, close, etc. Also, the shortcut key is Ctrl + Alt + w.

Although I found that the default setting is quite satisfactory, and almost as good as pre-starter. However, if you let me eggs to find the bones, I will say a few shortcuts with one hand it is difficult to perform. In most cases, we use two hands to open the menu, and then back to the mouse to select that option. Too bad mood.

However, we use Linux! Who cares about the default settings? Custom is king. Gnome-Pie will provide you with excellent service. By configuration, you can edit existing Pie, change the program icon, design your own Pie, change the subject, and even another Pie menu as a submenu.

You can even edit it to access the URL, liberty hotkeys, run your own commands. The only shortcoming is that it may lack Widgets.

In short, compared to the traditional text-based starters, Gnome-Pie is a very attractive visualization applications. I like him a custom keyboard and mouse button combination, reminds me of my God-level operation of War3 or LOL. If the player uses this mode of operation, it can bring you convenience and efficiency. If you want to save desk space, I recommend that you do not even pre-launcher on the desktop. In short, I even venture to say that it can replace Gnome.
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