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  Linux directory configuration
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  I personally feel that learning Linux first need to understand clearly the system did not give a specific folder thing doing the job, so after learning them and using the Linux system, the process will be more effective.

/ Bin main contents of the file system, but / bin execution file comparison Hunter said, can say / bin where the executable file can be executed in any state any user, there are cat, chmod chown date mv mkdir cp bash and other commonly used commands
/ Boot This directory main place to use the opportunity to open the file, including the Linux kernel file and boot menu and boot the required configuration files
/ Dev any device and are present in the Linux interface device in the form of files in this directory below
/ Etc System configuration files almost all the main placed in this folder, for example, to modify the host table, it is necessary to find the folder to modify the hosts file
/ Home This is the default user's home folder, just like the Windows system directory as among the User
/ Lib library system is very large, and / lib is placed in the boot will be used in the library, as well as / bin / sbin following command invokes the function library
/ Media This folder is placed removable devices, including CD-ROM devices are mounted inside this folder
Directory / opt for third-party software which is placed
/ Primary file system administrator root folder, when separated from the general account and the general account of the live file folder in / home among
/ Sbin placed in / sbin The following is required for the boot process, which includes the command boot, repair, restore the system needed
/ Srv service can be regarded as an abbreviation after some Internet service to start, these services require access to the data directory
/ Tmp is actually a cache directory used to store temporary files, anyone can access this file
Here to talk about the main / usr folder, the folder is the default installation location of the third-party software, we recommend that all software installed on a subdirectory of the folder, do not create new software directory

/ Usr / bin / users can use most of the commands are placed in this folder, it is the difference between / bin is related to whether the boot process
/ Usr / include c / c ++ and other programming languages header files in the folder
Library / usr / lib contains the application software, and not the usual average user executable file or script
/ Usr / local to install their own software downloaded (third party software)
/ Usr / sbin non-system required for normal operation of system commands, it can be self-defined command
/ Location usr / share placement of shared documents
/ Usr / src Place source location
Briefly about / var folder, the folder contents are some of the major software generated files such as cache, log files, data files, etc.
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