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  Linux environment RabbitMQ installation and monitoring of plug-in installation
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  [Note that the installation process, prompting some commands not found, look like a direct yum isntall]
Here is what I under CentOS release 6.4 pro-test success.
RabbitMq installation:
RabbitMQ is Erlang-based, so you must first configure the Erlang environment.
gz package tar extract the downloaded Erlang environment zxcf * .tar.gz
cd into the unzipped folder
Execute ./configure -prefix = / opt / erlang installation will begin compiling compiled into / opt / erlang under
Then execute make and make install
Modify / etc / profile file, add the following environment variable: #set erlang environment export PATH = $ PATH: / opt / erlang / bin
source profile file so that the entry into force
Measured Erlang environment is successfully installed, enter the command erl, erl language exit command halt ().
rabbitmq installation

tar zxvfrabbitmq-server-3.3.4.tar.gz / opt unzip to the specified folder
Modify / etc / profile, add the environment variable: #set rabbitmq environment export PATH = $ PATH: / opt / rabbitmq / sbin
source profile file so that the entry into force
Enable monitoring management (with a web manage MQ)
Executive ./rabbitmq-plugin enable rabbitmq-management
Restart rabbitmq
The default configuration, will be able to sign in to http: // mq server address: 15672 /
If the / etc / rabbitmq absence will be reported the following error:
Error: {cannot_write_enabled_plugins_file, "/ etc / rabbitmq / enabled_plugins", enoent}


mkdir / etc / rabbitmq

Instructions are as follows:
In the course of the problem: Use the default guest account login management console, but failed login prompt. It is because, for security reasons, guest users can login by using localhost. So if the sign on the other loom distal rabbitmq server needs to create a new user, and users need to give the new super administrator (administrator) privileges

Some commonly used commands rabbitmq / sbin / under
Start RabbitMQ ./rabbitmq-server -detached
Stop RabbitMQ ./rabbitmqctl stop
./rabbitmq-plugins List view widget is already installed
Enabled Monitoring Plug ./rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
Close monitoring widget ./rabbitmq-plugins disable rabbitmq_management
Add a user rabbitmqctl add_user Username Password
To delete a user rabbitmqctl delete_user Username
Modify the user's password rabbitmqctl change_password Username Newpassword
See list of current users rabbitmqctl list_users
Gives super administrator privileges ./rabbitmqctl set_user_tags newuser administrator
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