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  Linux FAQ - How to fix tar:Exitingwith failure status due to previous errors
  Add Date : 2016-11-09      
  Question: When I want to try to tar command to create a compressed file, always in the implementation process fails and throws an error description "tar: due to a previous error led to the failure of the state exit" ( "Exiting with failure status due to previous errors "). What causes this error occurs, how to solve?

If when you execute tar command, encountered the following error, then the most likely reason is that you want to compress a file using the tar command, you do not have permission to read it.

tar: Exitingwith failure status due to previous errors
So how do we determine the cause of the error (s) document? Or how to identify other sources of error?

Indeed tar command should print out the so-called "last error" ( "previous errors") in the end what is wrong, but if you allow tar to run in verbose mode (ie verbose mode, for example, -cvf), then you will be very easy to miss this information. To find this information, you can like it, tar standard output (stdout) of the information filtered out.

$ Tar cvzfz backup.tgz my_program /> / dev / null
Then you will see the standard error tar output (stderr) information. (LCTT Annotation: natural, not v parameter can be.)

tar: my_program / src / lib / .conf.db ~ lock ~:. Can not open: Permission denied
tar: Exitingwith failure status due to previous errors
As you can see from the above example, the cause of the error is indeed a "read access is not allowed" (denied read permission.) To solve this problem, simply change (or remove) the problem file permissions, and then re-run tar command.
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